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Honda’s New Open-Class Standard Exposed by MCN

Yesterday, Motorcycle News of England published photos and a story concerning Honda’s “Hornet 900” — a naked bike Honda is expected to officially launch in September for the European market. We have obtained additional photos of the handsome machine, which is expected to be significantly lighter than Yamaha’s FZ1 (nearly 30 pounds lighter, according to MCN’s report). The motor is reportedly based on the prior generation CBR900RR (displacing 918cc). Although that motor was carbureted, the Hornet is supposed to feature fuel injection. MCN purports to interview a “Honda insider” and reports the machine has non-adjustable suspension, but the latest brakes from the 929RR.

The styling is very similar to the 600cc Hornet on sale in Europe for several years. MCN indicates the machine will be dramatically less expensive than the FZ1 (roughly 1,800 British pounds less — more than $2,000 U.S. dollars).

We have no idea whether this machine will be available in the U.S. market, but Honda would be the only major Japanese manufacturer lacking an open class standard if it fails to bring the machine here.

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