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AMA 125 National Championship Battle: Langston and Brown … and Carmichael?

With two rounds remaining in the AMA 125 Outdoor National Motocross championship series, KTM’s Grant Langston and Kawasaki’s Mike Brown are just five points apart. With four motos left, every moto counts big, and the new National champion could easily be decided during the last moto of the last race of the year.

By the way, Brown and Langston battled each other for the 125cc World championship last year, with Langston taking the title. This year, in their AMA battle, team tactics could prove significant.

Kawasaki’s Ricky Carmichael reportedly wants to ride the last race of the series on a 125, rather than a 250. This is provided, of course, that Carmichael clinches the 250 Outdoor National championship tomorrow (all he has to do is gain one more point than Suzuki’s Kevin Windham on the day). A win by Carmichael in the final round on a 125 would break Mark Barnett’s all-time win record for 125 Outdoor Nationals (Barnett and Carmichael are currently tied for that record). Although Carmichael is said to be interested in breaking that record, a bigger goal for Kawasaki would be the 125 Outdoor National championship. Carmichael might be recruited to help Mike Brown (put himself between Brown and Langston, if possible). If Kawasaki lets Carmichael ride a 125 in the last round, you can bet his orders will be to help Brown, not concern himself with the record.

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