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Will Davis: A Fitting Tribute

Dirt trackers are the monks of our sport. They don’t get paid much, but they practice its essence, its purest form. They make sure it is there for us to see. Like a shrine.

Every road racer of note from the United States, such as Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Doug Chandler, the Bostrom Brothers, and the Hayden Brothers (to name a few) was schooled in dirt track. They were like altar boys who moved on to conquer the real world. Will Davis stayed.

I couldn’t write it. I knew Will Davis deserved much more than a couple of cold paragraphs reciting the facts surrounding his death last Saturday night at the AMA Grand National Championship race in Sedalia, Missouri. I knew it before Nicky Hayden, in tears, dedicated his Pikes Peak Superbike victory to Davis on Sunday. I didn’t know Mr. Davis, personally. I couldn’t write it, but Scott Rousseau at Cycle News could — Please read Mr. Rousseau’s fitting tribute.

MD expresses our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Will Davis.

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