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Carmichael and Lusk Swap Teams… Officially

Perhaps, the worst kept secret in the AMA motocross pits the last two months was the fact that Ricky Carmichael would be switching teams next year, leaving Kawasaki and joining Honda. Well, Carmichael’s last day at Kawasaki was Sunday, when he took the overall victory in the 125 class (after clinching the 250 title a week earlier). As Carmichael joins Honda, his good friend and frequent training partner, Ezra Lusk, leaves Honda to join Carmichael’s old team, Kawasaki.

Lusk, who is an outstanding rider (particularly, in supercross), didn’t have much luck at Honda, where frequent crashes and injuries kept him from gaining any championship titles. Lusk is looking forward to starting fresh with a new team and a new attitude.

Carmichael, of course, leaves Kawasaki after countless championships, including many, many championships as an amateur riding for Team Green. With six National professional championships, Carmichael has had more success, at a younger age, than any other professional rider in history, and appears destined to break many professional records, including McGrath’s record of eight National championships in his career. Carmichael already has the most wins ever in the 125 Outdoor National championships, and most wins in a single season in the 250 Outdoor National championships. He is also tied with Jeremy McGrath for the most consecutive 250 Supercross race victories. Most simply put, Carmichael is currently the top motocross/supercross rider in the world, and he holds that position by quite a margin.

While Kawasaki was winning championships with Carmichael, the once-powerful Honda team was struggling. Honda has high hopes that Carmichael will bring it multiple championships, and continue the roll he has been on for, literally, more than a decade.

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