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Tommy Hayden Joins Eric Bostrom At Kawasaki Next Year

Kawasaki has just announced that its AMA roadrace team for 2002 will consist of Eric Bostrom and Tommy Hayden — as well as a potential third team member (as yet, unsigned).

Eric Bostrom will not defend his 600 Supersport crown. Instead, he will concentrate on the superbike. In addition to contesting every AMA round, Eric will race selected World Superbike events.

Tommy Hayden, oldest of the racing Hayden brothers, returns to Kawasaki (he was Doug Chandler’s teammate in 1997 and 1998) to race 600 Supersport, only. Tommy has come close to the 600 title in the past, and Kawasaki is confident he will do well next year, and benefit from Eric Bostrom’s knowledge of the bike.

The potential third team member will also be a 600 supersport rider. There is no mention of Doug Chandler — a rider who has been with Kawasaki for many years, and has a total of three AMA Superbike championships (all on Kawasaki superbikes). There are very few superbike rides available next year, and Chandler may be forced to ride a 600 or retire.

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