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Two-Stroke Motocross Bike Resurgence

If you pay close attention to what is happening in amateur motocross, two-strokes are making a bit of a comeback. With all the hype about the new four-strokes, and with that hype backed up by genuinely good, usable performance for the amateur, lots of four-stroke bikes have been sold here in the U.S. (primarily, Yamahas).

Plenty of those four-stroke riders are going back to two-strokes, however. Wanting something lighter than the open-class four-strokes available (at least, before Honda introduced its svelte CRF450R), but unwilling to accept the power limitations of a YZ250F, two-stroke 250s are the obvious choice.

On top of all this, the two-strokes continue to get better – more, broader power, and better handling. And the weight differential is still significant – Honda’s new 450 is still 16 pounds heavier than its new 250 two-stroke.

Of course, the choice may not be there in a few years. Before long, even closed-course racing may have to meet environmental standards too strict for two-strokes.

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