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Clear Channel Will Lure Top Supercross Riders for 2003

In the continuing saga concerning the Clear Channel split from AMA Supercross beginning with the 2003 season, MD has learned that Clear Channel is already approaching top supercross riders to campaign its series. Although factory race teams appear to be taking a wait-and-see attitude, independent riders and race teams, such as Jeremy McGrath and McGrath Racing, should be in a position to “go where the money is”. In addition, the Yamaha factory team (due, in part, to the fact that Yamaha does not have a representative on the AMA Board), would have to be tempted to participate in the Clear Channel series in light of the popular venues controlled by Clear Channel, such as Anaheim.

In short, Clear Channel will be offering dollars and fan exposure to riders and teams in 2003. Some factory teams will undoubtedly remain loyal to the AMA, and race its series, but factories are all about selling bikes, and big supercross races at big stadiums in popular venues will always be tempting as a means of promoting product.

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