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MD Readers Respond To: Will SuperTT Catch on in the United States

MD asked readers whether or not they felt SuperTT motorcycle racing would be the next big thing in the U.S. (please see our articles dated January 27, 2002 and January 29, 2002). Below are some of the many responses (unedited) that we received.

  • Why do I always miss the good events? I never
    hear a word about this race. Where was it advertised? Cycle News?
    I sure wish I’d been there. This is one type or cycle racing I
    believe SHOULD expand well in this country. My first real interest
    in motorcycling started with the SuperBikers races.
    The SuperMotard never quite cought on, but, it should have. Im
    just not sure why.

    Anyway. I thank motorcycle daily for the report and would look
    forward to attending any future event here in So. Cal.

  • I like the idea, however, I have to go with my gut instinct – it will not.

  • Yes, I do think it will catch on. I do not think that it will be able to support peoples careers, but will be more like Autocross (I think that is the name of it. Where people race cars in parking lots with cones.) Any way you look at it, I would spend the money to put a different set of tires on my dirtbike to go play.

  • It looks really cool. They currently run Supermotard races in Norway, IL. I haven’t checked it out yet but hopefully I will soon.

  • Super TT would be great! I wish they did it here in Michigan. I would putting 17 inch rims on my dirtbike!

  • Wow, I wish it would, but I don’t think there’s enough interest for it. We just don’t have the fan or participant base here in the states. It may happen as an amateur series, though. I know I’d certainly watch, and maybe chop up a motocrosser to go race!

  • I work at the R&D department at Husaberg motor in
    the darkest of Sweden. First I must thank you for your site. It’s all
    info and no bullshit. That’s a relief in these days when you can hardly
    navigate sites on the net for all weird layouts and logos swarming the

    I saw At motorcycledaily today that Supermotard just recently started to
    gain momentum in the states. It seems a bit odd, since I read an article
    in a swedish bike magazine in 1984 where our old hero HÃ¥kan Carlqvist
    showed the US elite his rear end on a Yamaha 465 twostroke. This was a
    major event, somewhere in the US, and if I’m not completely wrong it was
    called “Superbikers”.

    Anyway, as you say its big here in europe, and because of that I would
    like to point out the fact that we at Husaberg supply the market with
    ready to race/ride Supermotard models in both 650cc and 400cc. To be
    honest I must add the fact that so does also KTM, VOR, Vertemati and
    Husqvarna. Our Supermotard sales is surprisingly low in the US, but
    maybe a rising interest in that form of racing can change that.

    If you find this interesting, you are very welcome to visit our website
    or mail me for further information.

  • MC Daily Editor, “build it & they will come”.. or whatever that line was from that Kevin Costner
    movie about baseball….

    I’d buy a ticket in a minute to see Super TT!
    Right now, you have to drive to New England, Fla, or Calif to see big time
    motorcycle racing like Superbikes & 600’s.
    If I want to see an MX race, I gotta drive at least 4 hours away to either Budds
    Creek or western Pa…
    If I want to see Flat track.. same thing… 4 hours..

    I think Super TT would be great…. they got all kinds of asphalt parking lots
    in Philly, Pa (right near me)..
    the Philly sports complex would be a great place to see this…

    bring it on!!

  • Twenty years ago they tried pitting the dirt guys against the street guys on
    a combination course and it was even televised a few times. It died because
    there was little awareness or interest in two-wheeled motorsports in general
    except among enthusiasts (I guess I’d fall into that catagory), and the
    tracks were too long for spectators to get an idea of the whole race.

    Given the tight venues that Supermotard is running in (stadiums and small
    road courses) and the fact that there is now Speed Vi-sorry, Speed Channel,
    there is every reason to believe that it could catch on just as
    Supercross/Arenacross has here. Certainly the racing is exciting! If you’ve
    never seen 10 riders sliding into a tight corner crossed up ON
    Pavement(!),well it’s a very exciting form of racing and doesn’t even
    require that two hundred tons of dirt be moved into a venue.

    I like it!

  • Bring back the Super Bikers!!!Remember them from ABC’s Wide World of Sports?Thanks for the great web-site!

  • Dirtbikes rule.
    Slicks rule.
    Getting sideways rules.
    It is therefore impossible for Supper TT to not rule.

  • Sounds like it should Dirck. BUT. . .
    If it’s gonna for goodness sake lets call it what it’s clearly recognized by in Europe so at least there’s some universal recognition of this particular activity.
    By all means invent a new class but please don’t try an reinvent the wheel.

    Are we going to get to see this on TV any time soon?

  • It’s funny how things flip-flop around. The Superbiker series that was run
    on Wide World of Sports in the early 80’s didn’t fair too well here, but it
    was picked up in Europe, and has blossomed.
    I think it comes down to the fact that most Americans want allot of
    horsepower (just like with cars), and Motard bikes are seen as anemic, and
    just not Macho enough. One thing is for sure; when that Duke II (or YZ426,
    CR450F, CR500, or any other high-power single) passes you on the inside,
    with the rear wheel all stepped out, AND spinning the tire, and promptly
    walks away from you, you’ll be wondering who that super-human person was…
    Hopefully, I’ll have my WR426 ready for Bike Week…

  • Picture a 65 horsepower, 250 pound totally rude toy to ride around town and
    on short trips to the countryside (where we spend probably 90% of our riding
    time). Slap on good suspension, awesome brakes, very sticky tires, and an
    aggressive riding position.

    Super TT racing is a ton of fun. And Super TT bikes on the street are a
    total blast.

    This secret has got to get out soon.

  • I have been a motorcyclist for 30 of my 35 years. I am sure you
    remember the ABC version of this sportfrom the late 70’s early 80’s called
    the SuperBikers competition. Great riders like Kent Howerton, Eddie Lawson,
    Danny “Magoo” Chandler, Bubba Shoebert etc. took part . I was excited to
    see this race organized and I hope it creates a following. I built a 1983
    Suzuki RM 465 to the specs of the “SuperBikers” machines in 1988. It was a
    true handful to ride. It is a great way to see talented riders like 1993
    World Champion Kevin Schwantz ride again. I hope it takes off.

  • I race the Northwest SuperTT series and have been racing SuperTT since Don
    Canet first created it with the “Return of the Superbikers” at Willow
    Springs a few years ago. I think this type of racing could catch on in the
    US. It has the thrills of roadracing, dirt track, and Moto-X all combined
    and is relatively inexpensive, at least compared to roadracing and dirt
    track. It is also a great spectator sport with jumps, wheelies, close
    racing, and spectacular sliding. Don has done a great deal to get this
    type of racing going here in the US, including getting some big names
    interested like Nicky Haydon, Larry Pegram, Kevin Schwantz, Anthony Gobert,
    and even Eddie Lawson has done some races.

    The races can be held at roadrace tracks, go-cart tracks, or even large
    parking lots with a little dirt nearby. There are 3 SuperTT series now
    running on the West coast and a new Midwest series is starting this year at
    Road America, see: There is also a Canadian series
    running this year at Western Speedway outside of Victoria, B.C. Roadracing
    is a very expensive sport, but almost any dirt or dualsport bike can be
    used in SuperTT racing with few modifications, in the Sportsman class no
    modifications are required and you can be competitive with only a tire
    change. I really appreciate’s coverage of SuperTT and
    hopefully it will get something started, it’s really a great sport!

  • Do I think Motard racing is cool? Hell Yes!!!

    Do I think it will catch on? Disappointedly no….Except in California.
    It doesn’t lend itself to spectators so well so you know what the
    promoters will do with it, Nothing. That means no racing…

    Would I like to do it, YES! I ride dirt bikes and street bikes and
    Always thought road racing would be cool. But, the odds of getting
    injured are so high and it is so expensive, (compared to say, racing
    Hare Scrambles) that I would never do it. Motard racing is a smaller
    venue, the speeds are much slower, and a converted dirt bike with rain
    tires will go a long way. Safer, more affordable, the skills you
    develop transfer better into real world riding.

    Sounds like fun to me!!

  • Super TT what a great idea!! The best of both worlds. I already own an 01 CR 250 and would love to try it sometime!!!

  • I just wanted to say that I think SuperTT Kicks Ass!! I am going to
    sell my mini-roadracer and get in on this fun!! I have actually raced Don
    Canet at Prairie City in Sacramento. He came to one of our local
    mini-roadracing events. He brought a KX 80 with roadracing rims and tires
    and smoked everyone. That started a whole new class out there. Now it looks
    like he is on to something again!

  • I saw a SuperTT demo a few years ago at Loudon International Raceway
    during the AMA Superbike weekend. It was held between the 600
    SuperSport race and the Superbike Race. I thought it was extremely
    exciting to watch and seemed like it would be even more fun to ride in.
    I personally would love to see SuperTT (Supermotard) take off in the US.
    If fact I sold my TL1000R last year so I could get a KTM Duke II. If
    the fun factor difference between my TLR and KTM Duke is any indication,
    I’m sure the big boys on the AMA superbike series would enjoy putting on
    a show for the fans every now and then

  • I LIKE IT!

    In my opinion, U.S. motorcycle racing is stale. Superbike, Moto-X
    and especially flat-track.

    Superbike – if a talent comes along – off to Europe very soon. If
    any foreigner comes to the states – makes a splash – then off to Europe (or
    we catch the riders on the way home from Europe – keep it on the track,
    bring it home, collect paycheck). Don’t even get me started about the
    SuperSport classes (yawn!)

  • I’ve been dreaming for a long time to put a CR500 on the road. The power to weight to match a new 600 supersport, and even less weight to throw around. Look at some of those pictures of Nicky sideways on pavement. I know he’s an amazing rider, but he’s not doing that with his F4. For those of you you may not have ridden a modern motocrosser, these things are way to much fun to limit to dirt. I haven’t done any road racing, but I did some offroad stuff including motocross, and the bikes are cheap(although set-up for a TT could add considerable cost for 17 wheels, rubber, and suspension mods to retain geometry?). Now if TT racing caught on, motorcross bikes could come with 17 inch rubber from the factory, or new bikes would develope altogether. I see this as a great new way to get riders involved with racing including myself, and could lead to a new wave of bikes that would be ideal for around town, or the tightest canyon roads.

  • I sure hope it catches on. The speeds are relatively slow, compared to
    Superbikes, and the cost to get started isn’t too bad. I’m planning to buy
    a 2002 Husqvarna SM570R as soon as they’re available in the states. Their’s
    even an all SM magazine in the UK launced two weeks ago!

  • I am dating myself a little but do you remember the days at Ascott when they had TT racing. I remember being a young boy and going to see TT races there. They would race around a track that was kind of figure 8 like with a big jump in the center. It was so cool! Anyone who ever saw it would surely agree!
    Like to hear back from you if you remember them!

  • I hope SuperTT (SuperMoto, or SuperMotard) catches on in the US. It is fun
    to watch, and generally it is a contest that is decided by rider skill and
    not the amount of money backing the rider.

    I have watched and been taught flat tracking techniques by the likes of
    Nicky and Tommy Haden, Chris Carr, (the late) Will Davis, Aron Yates, Steve
    Rapp, Johnny Wagner and others at Danny Walker’s American SuperCamp. It is
    an incredible experience to slide a motorcycle while in complete control.
    Many, Many racers practice this riding technique. SuperTT is fun to watch
    and just another training camp for future World Champions in the more costly
    forms of racing (WSB, MotoGP, etc.)


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