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David Vuillemin Update — Feeling Pretty Good and Ready to Race

Following up on our story on David Vuillemin’s crash on Saturday, we made a couple of phone calls as people got back to their offices today.

Donn Maeda of TransWorld Motocross told us on the phone this morning that our Saturday article was accurate. Donn was shooting photos at the scene for his magazine, and actually drove David Vuillemin home while David’s head was fuzzy (it seemed to clear a bit on the ride home).

We also spoke with Yamaha’s Terry Beal. Terry said he talked to Vuillemin this morning, and David described a “pretty bad crash” and some lingering soreness. Overall, however, David is feeling fine and will be ready to race at full strength next weekend. David will be practicing this week with Florida resident, and Yamaha teammate, Tim Ferry.

There have been too many injuries this supercross season, and we are delighted that David Vuillemin is still healthy and ready to do battle at Daytona.

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