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KTM Trying to Hang on to Langston for 2003

Grant Langston is a free agent — he is in the last year of his KTM contract here in the United States. Expected to move to the 250 class, Langston has tried some of the competitor’s machines, as well as the prototype 2003 KTM 250.

The recently injured Langston should be a threat, once again, for the 125 Outdoor National Motocross championship (he narrowly lost that championship last year to Kawasaki’s Mike Brown). Langston, carefully managed by his father, is already looking to the future, and the 250 class, however. The 2003 KTM is supposed to be an amazing machine. With over 50 horsepower stock (according to some reports) and far superior handling, Langston might be tempted to stay where he is. We shall see.

As supercross and motocross continue to grow in popularity in the United States, the demand for star riders increases, and their value increases. Chad Reed has signed with Yamaha, already, and Langston is one of the few coveted riders still free and available. He is very fast (circumstances prevented him from challenging Reed more frequently in the 125 East Supercross series), well trained and smart. He also has a lot of heart. It will be interesting to see what team he rides for next year.

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