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Hayden’s Domination at Tighter Tracks Spells Doom for 750s

Honda’s Nicky Hayden Aboard the RC51

The 1000cc V-twins dominate WSB, it is said, because the tracks are larger and faster, and the V-twins can put their greater torque and horsepower to good use. In the United States, on the other hand, a mix of smaller, tighter venues has allowed Mat Mladin to win three straight AMA titles on his Yoshimura Suzuki 750.

Last weekend’s double header at Sears Point should have favored the quicker turning 750s, such as those ridden by Mladin and Anthony Gobert (Yamaha). Indeed, Gobert won last year’s race at Sears Point on his R7. This year, Honda’s new RC51 (see our ride review here) is dramatically improved, both on the road and on the track, and Nicky Hayden laid waste to the competition at Sears Point, while his teammate Miguel Duhamel also finished up front on an RC51.

Of course, at the high speed Daytona circuit, the horsepower and top speed put down by Nicky’s factory RC51 was untouchable. Barring mishap, Hayden will be on his way to victory circle at the remaining high speed circuits. The 750s can no longer keep pace there.

Now that Honda has the RC51’s handling so well sorted, the era of V-twin domination in AMA competition has likely begun . . . pending rule changes that might mimic WSB rule changes (which will allow 1000cc displacement limits for all engine configurations).

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