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It’s Now the “Big Five” in Supercross/Motocross

You can bet that Grant Langston was offered plenty of money by rival teams for the 2003 season, but, as MD reported yesterday, KTM has held on to Langston for two more years.

When KTM got serious about the 125 supercross/motocross class in the United States a couple of years ago, they were immediately contenders. Their bikes were fast, and they spent the money to put good riders on them. Next year, KTM steps into the 250 class, as well, with an all-new 250 motocross machine that is rumored to be superb (their current 250SX already has the highest horsepower of any stock motocrosser sold in the United States). The former World champion, Grant Langston, will pilot one of two 250cc machines for KTM in both the Supercross and Motocross championship series next year. KTM is looking for a quality rider to join Langston in the 250 class. KTM is now a player on the same level as the “Big Four” Japanese factories here in U.S. supercross/motocross. This will make things more interesting for fans, and provide two additional factory rides in the 250 class. We have to congratulate KTM on their rapid ascension in the United States.

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