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Aprilia USA Announces Two New 2003 Limited Edition Models: RSV 1000 R Tuono Limited and RSV 1000 Mille R – Haga Replica

Aprilia USA has announced the introduction of two very special, limited edition motorcycles, the RSV 1000 R Tuono Limited and the RSV 1000 Mille R – Haga Replica. These motorcycles will be available in limited numbers in the United States (50 Tuono and 60 Haga Replica). If you are interested in purchasing one of these special edition models, you will need to contact your local Aprilia dealer to place an order. The RSV 1000 Mille R – Haga Replica has an U.S. MSRP of $18,999 and the anticipated delivery date is July, 2002; the RSV 1000 R Tuono Limited has an U.S. MSRP of $17,299 and is expected in November, 2002.

Aprilia’s technical specifications and highlights for each bike are listed below.

RSV 1000 Mille R – Haga Replica

MSRP: $18,999

  • Top Distinction: only 300 units worldwide limited edition with only 60 slated for US delivery ensures top collectors value, and a phenomenal presentation to further stand out from the crowd.
  • Built on the class-leading RSV 1000 Mille R platform.
  • Fairing graphics faithfully duplicated from WSB- Spec RSV 1000 Mille SP Superbike – complete with Haga racing numbers
  • Blue anodized Ergal top triple tree with “Noriyuki Haga” inscribed signature + production identification serial number + inscription “SBK REPLICA RSV 1000 R”
  • Aprilia Engine Department developed dual-sided Akrapovic TITANIUM exhaust and stainless steel collectors+ EPROM specifically designed for this exhaust system
  • Building on the already class-leading performance of the Mille R, the Haga Replica sees a 10 hp increase at 6.500 rpm, and a flatter power curve, over 9.000 rpm with the installation of the competition-grade Akrapovic Exhaust system. Torque is greatly increased with torque curves reaching optimal values 1700 rpm earlier than the standard motor.
  • 6.6 lb weight decrease with the Akrapovic Exhaust system installed (with respect to a standard RSV R) and more equal lateral balance (also thanks to the double and not single exhaust).
  • Top quality components from RSV 1000 R carry-over, including the Carbon body panel inserts and fenders, Brembo 4 pad calipers, Ohlins suspension and steering damper
  • Full rear subframe reduces cost to add optional Bi-Posto kit to only $297.95. (Part # HAGAPEG)
  • The 2003 RSV 1000 Mille R Haga Replica: World Superbike technology and imagery, in a single value-packed performance package.



MSRP: $17,299

  • Absolutely Unique: 200 unit worldwide production with only 50 designated for the US market. Each unit comes with its unit number inscribed onto the triple clamp.
  • Top performances bike in its segment: All the performance and technical ability of the class-leading Mille R in a stunning semi-faired upright motorcycle.
  • Top-shelf components : Graced with Ohlins forks and shock, Brembo 4-pad brake calipers, and exclusive OZ forged aluminum wheels, the Tuono is as stunning when parked as when it’s at full speed. Racing heritage has never been presented in such a comfortable street machine.
  • Unique materials in a production bike: Exclusive components such as the side covers are built with the latest hand-made Carbon and Carbon-Kevlar material. Liberal use of Ergal hardware further indicates the technical prowess of the Tuono. These exclusive and unique finishing touches place the Tuono as the top machine it its segment from both a material and technical standpoint, leading to a 4.4lb weight loss in respect to a Mille R.
  • It’s a semi-naked bike capable of reaching very high speeds (appx. 155 mph) and urging the rider to ingest turns at every chance.
  • With such huge performance capabilities, the front fairing is absolutely essential to maintain high speed stability and ensure smooth tracking in all conditions. Custom mirrors hold their position at the highest speeds. This mix of pure sporting abilities and menacing stance makes for the quintessential “Street Fighter”.
  • The New 2003 Tuono embodies aggressive street performance while imparting an enormous sense of safety. Thanks to the higher and wider handlebar (a double diameter Ergal unit) the riders’ control is elevated to the highest level. Quick direction changes are soaked up by the Mille R Double- beam frame (In this instance rendered in a stunning gold color) providing both the instant response and Superbike stability that is most desired in this type of machine. Complete control of the 128 horsepower is literally at the rider’s fingertips.
  • The 2003 Tuono R Limited: Exclusive in every respect, with performance you must respect.
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