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2002 Honda 919: Long-Term Update

Our long-term Honda 919 test unit has continued to perform flawlessly — take a look at our initial ride review for details.

Although we will have a more extensive update shortly, including mileage figures and maintenance costs, we wanted to report on our new Erion Racing 919 Slip-On Muffler System.

The Erion Racing system installs quickly and easily — everything lined up perfectly. It does away with some of the heat shield overkill installed by Honda on the stock mufflers — leaving a shield where it is truly needed near the passenger footpegs. Instead of seeing a bulky heat shield, we now see a sleek, black-anodized muffler on each side of the bike. Each muffler exits through attractive, polished end caps.

The Erion Racing system not only improves the look of the 919, but reduces its weight and adds power as well. Trimming more than six pounds and increasing horsepower virtually from idle to redline (with a peak increase of 5 horsepower), the muffler system is fairly easy on the wallet, too. The list price is $599.

While riding the 919 with the Erion mufflers installed, you notice snappier throttle response (although it is a tad lean right off idle) and a deep, throatier exhaust note. Unlike some other straight-through systems we are familiar with, the Erion Racing mufflers are not obnoxiously loud, but they definitely give the 919 a more aggressive attitude.

Stay tuned for another long-term update. In the meantime, here’s a link to Erion Racing’s web site

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