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Will Carmichael Try the 450? Will He Like It?

Now that Ricky Carmichael has won 20 straight motos, and clinched the Outdoor National championship with two rounds remaining, what does he do? Go on vacation, early? Try for a perfect season? Try something new? Four strokes are the future, I suppose, and Carmichael needs to compete on the Honda four-stroke eventually. What better opportunity will he have than now? With two rounds (four motos) remaining in the series, and no pressure (other than to maintain his winning streak for whatever that is worth), this is the time for Carmichael to get his feet wet on the CRF450. He has probably been testing with the bike, already, but there is nothing like racing it.

He might even decide he likes the bike well enough to compete on it in next year’s supercross series, but this is highly unlikely. At the very least, Carmichael on the big four-stroke would add some much needed excitement to the series.

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