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Colin Edwards On Aprilia In MotoGP

After being told by Honda that a MotoGP ride was not possible, and that there possibly would not be a WSB team either, Colin had to weigh other options. Yesterday, word of Colin’s plans for racing next year came to light. After much speculation by anyone who follows the roadrace scene, the final decision made by Edwards is to go to Aprilia in MotoGP, on Michelin tires.

Ducati very nearly had Edwards, after he had signed two letters of intent. That deal withered and the two sides split amicably – as long as Edwards did not go to WSB again. Details of the why and how of that deal may never be known. Yamaha had considered a campaign with Edwards, but the highest echelons of the company had decided not to press further. After this, it looked as though Honda would be able to provide Edwards with a V5 on a satellite team, using Bridgestone tires.

That last detail about the tires had Michelin very worried, since Colin and the French tire company had done much testing and development together and all those trade secrets would be revealed to Bridgestone, who are still fairly new to the highest wrung of the racing ladder. Colin was worried about him and his team being well down on the list of Honda supported teams, essentially having to wait in line for support and parts. Being on Bridgestone tires may have been a concern as well. The combination of those two details may well have swayed Colin to Aprilia, who will treat him as the number one rider, and Michelin have pledged the very best they have for the new bike in ’03.

Aprilia appears to have a bike that shows lots of promise but has yet to fully deliver. Top speeds show them to be nearly on equal terms with Honda, but they may lack the chassis and suspension setup to get the all important drive out of the corners. Colin sees this as a challenge for himself and being a development rider for Aprilia seemed to be an attraction for him when he made his decision.

After witnessing the WSB series from race two of Laguna Seca, to the jaw-dropping, championship winning performance of Edwards in the final two races at Imola, don’t bet against him and Aprilia in ’03

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