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What’s Happened To The Family?

Before I was selected to be a test rider here at MD, it was first verified that I live a long distance from MD’s HQ. Mostly so I wouldn’t be able to hang around and pester the editor-in-charge until late in the evenings, or pop in on the weekends. Also, he needed someone at a distance who could actually accumulate respectable mileage on our test units over the freeways and squiggly canyons on the way to the Area 51-like location of MD.

In my travels, I notice that when I’m on a sport bike, like-mounted riders wave, yet, with the exception of a couple, the cruiser types, along with the “Wingers” and other tourer types, act like I’m not there. The few dual-sporters I see out there are just as guilty. There are explanations as to why this is – but they don’t hold water, or my attention. Why? Because when I switch bikes to a category that I was ignored by, their hands that maintained a grip on the handlebar before, now go up in a symbol of acknowledgement and good will.

The brand you ride, or the price tag or nationality associated with it, or the “exclusivity” of your ownership should not preclude you from waving to the rider going the opposite direction on their Rebel 250, Boss Hoss, GSX-R, Harley, or new MV Augusta. As a relatively small group of society, we can’t really afford the special interest mentality, and the exclusionary attitude that goes along with it.

It’s the spirit of motorcycling, and all the challenges and rewards that go along with it, that puts us all in the same boat/category. In general, we all ride for the same reasons, and derive the same enjoyment from being aboard our steed of choice, so why can’t the Harley rider/Goldwing rider wave to the sport bike rider, and vice versa? It’s all two wheels, engines and handlebars and we’re all in it together.

See you on the way home, I’ll be the one waving!

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