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Mike Metzger Does Super Motard

Today, at the Lake Elsinore Storm baseball stadium and in the parking lot, preparations are underway for the Throttle Sports & Music Festival this weekend. Mike Metzger was there helping set up the area for festivities coming up this weekend, and was cutting a few laps on his own Super Motard bikes.

Metzger is no stranger to the super motard style of racing, having raced in Europe and here in the United States. Today he was switching between a Honda CR250 and CRF450. Super Motard bikes are equipped with 17 inch wheels and big front brakes, coupled with few, if any, suspension modifications. The races will be held at noon this Sunday, November 24th, and are exhibition races, although the “red mist” is sure to fall, along with the green flag.

AMA Roadracing star Jake Zemke also showed up with a CRF450 to check out the Super Motard scene for the first time, and may race on Sunday as well.

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