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Ducati North America Makes Another Management Change

Almost exactly one year ago, I attended the North American press introduction of the Ducati Monster 620ie in Southern California. At that time, Ducati had a senior executive in attendance from Italy to introduce the new executive staff from Ducati North America, including the new President of Ducati North America, Joe Piazza. As I recall, Mr. Piazza had just started working with Ducati that week.

Basically, Ducati had “cleaned house” with the North American executive staff, and Piazza was to lead Ducati in a new direction with regard to the United States market.

Well, Ducati has announced today that Mr. Piazza is leaving the company, and that Nicola Greco will come over from Italy to run the North American operations. Mr. Greco is Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Ducati worldwide.

Ducati has made it very clear that the United States market is extremely important to the overall success of the company. I have met Mr. Greco, and he is an impressive individual. The fact that such a senior Ducati executive will relocate from Italy to the United States underscores the effort Ducati is making to increase its market share here.

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