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Husqvarna Production Lines Rolling . . . But Is It Too Late?

It was nearly two years ago that Husqvarna announced innovative new four-strokes for both enduro and motocross use — ultimately, designed to be 250cc and 450cc. Although these products would undoubtedly have been well received in the 2002 model year (their original, intended launch year), we are already well into the 2003 model year, with 2004 just around the corner.

After struggling financially, and with recently-acquired bank financing, the word out of Europe is that Husqvarna’s production lines are now rolling. Of course, Honda and Yamaha have introduced newly-designed four-strokes in the last two years, and Suzuki and Kawasaki are about to join the party. Where Husqvarna had a chance to broaden its customer base and gain market share a couple of years ago, the delayed introduction of these machines may mean that Husky is stuck selling to the same old customer base. A huge opportunity lost, perhaps. We will see.

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