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Is Everts Soothing His Ego In The 125 Class?

With several rounds of the World Motocross championship already in the history books this year, and Suzuki’s Mickael Pichon clearly the fastest man in the premier Motocross GP class (featuring 250cc two-strokes and 450cc four-strokes), you would think Stefan Everts would be spending all of his time and energy figuring out how to run Pichon’s pace. He isn’t. Instead, he is adding another class to his weekend duties. He will now race both the Motocross GP and the 125cc class (on a 250cc four-stroke Yamaha).

With no real chance at the 125cc title with such a late start, why is Everts doing this? He says he is bored with the single-moto format this year, and simply wants to ride more (two motos per day has been the norm for Everts for many years). On the other hand, it is hard to see how contesting the 125cc class could help Everts overcome Pichon in the Motocross GP class.

Everts says his fitness level is very high, and the additional track time will actually benefit him. This may be true, but there may be no answer to Pichon’s dominance this year in the Motocross GP category.

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