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AMA Red Bull Supermoto Round Two: A Nod To The Roadracers?

After some observers, and some participants, complained that the opening round of the AMA Red Bull Supermoto championship held at Laguna Seca last month utilized a track biased towards motocross racers, with too much dirt, the AMA has announced that Round Two will feature a dramatically different type of track. To the right is an image released by the AMA depicting the track layout for Round Two at South Boston Speedway in Virginia on August 30. According to AMA coordinator Don Canet, the track will not only feature a much higher percentage of pavement, but the speeds reached will be dramatically higher than those reached at the tight Laguna Seca venue. Indeed, the South Boston Speedway layout will include a banked pavement section leading on to a straightaway that may force some of the motocross racers out of their comfortable dirt bike style.

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