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We Need BMW In MotoGP

Why? Because BMW makes a better engine than Honda in F1. Yes, the Williams BMW is faster than any of the Honda F1 machines, and consistently so. With Honda’s F1 experience, and knowledge, do the other manufacturers stand a chance in MotoGP?

This is a legitimate question, because the four-stroke engine design and tuning experience gained in Formula One automobile racing is second to none. Honda has that experience, while no other motorcycle manufacturer has it. The exception is BMW, of course, which has F1 experience and has, therefore, the four-stroke design and tuning experience to achieve the performance of the Honda four-stroke in MotoGP.

You have to understand F1 to understand how much constant, high-level engine development goes on there. It is mind boggling. Chasing Ferrari and Michael Schumacher (the F1 champions) requires huge financial resources, huge engineering capability and creativity, and constant development. Honda can transfer all of this directly to MotoGP engine development. It creates an incalculable advantage for Honda, of course.

Come on over BMW. If you don’t want to make your own bike, build engines for other teams (such as Moriwaki, now running a Honda V-5 in its own proprietary chassis). We need you.

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