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Motorrad Reports on New BMW K

After asking our readers to help us out with the German, we received a number of responses regarding the exclusive Motorrad report on the new BMW K series machine. Apparently, the new K will feature an in-line, four-cylinder engine with east-west installation (similar to Japanese in-line fours) — a departure from the traditional K layout.

Perhaps, more interesting, is the claimed implementation of a Hossack front suspension system. The product of the mind of a Scottish inventor named Norman Hossack, it utilizes a double wishbone (similar to the automobile suspension system) and a single shock absorber. This system can result in suspension movement while maintaining constant wheelbase, constant trail and constant head angle. Additionally, the designer claims a dramatic reduction in weight versus a conventional telescopic fork front-end, and added stiffness.

The design has been successfully raced on more than one occasion.

Here are some links for you. First a photo of the bike on the Motorrad web site here. This is the Hossack Design web site here, and, finally, information regarding a race team utilizing a Hossack chassis here.

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