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KTM-Superbike Concept “RC8” Released at Tokyo Motorshow

Just when you might be excused for thinking all of the possible design motifs have been exploited by sportbike manufacturers, out comes KTM with the RC8 Concept. Sure, some of the RC8’s design elements are derivative of other machines (this can’t really be avoided, can it?), but overall, KTM has some very fresh surfaces and angles, and a Buell-like exhaust placement, neatly hidden within the lower portion of the fairing (no need for underseat exhaust placement, then). Here is KTM’s press release on the RC8 Concept, likely to see production with few changes — consistent with KTM’s recent MO.

The RC8 CONCEPT BIKE Underlines KTM’s Long Term Vision For The Road

Those who know KTM, know that only one thing counts with us. We’ve symbolized uncompromising motor sports for over 50 years. And all that time KTM has fought on the front lines to win.

For the RC8, we brought our riders to the design table as well as the best technicians and designers. Our aim: The ultimate weapon for ambitious street-fighters.

That means: A radical concentration of its mass around the compact 75° V2. Innovative details are everywhere: The seat is the tank, keeping fuel at the machine’s centre of gravity. Dry sump lubrication allows the entire exhaust system to sit precisely where it has the least influence on dynamics. Directly under the engine.

The fairing is designed to produce: The least possible crosswind drag. The result: No crosswind oscillation, spell-binding agility, and aggressive steering ability.

Our design approach is very simple. At KTM, an air duct is always – first and foremost – an air duct. First the function, then the beauty. But anyone who stands and beholds her can tell that we don’t give the appearances short shrift.

Her powerful lines and extreme reduction to the basics characterize her as a unique, wild and emotional motorcycle. A striking statement for our future on the road.

Technical Specification:

Engine: KTM LC8 engine
Displacement: 999.8cc
Frame: Tubular chromoly space frame
Dry weight: approx. 175 kg
Transmission: 6 gears, dog-clutch engagement
Top speed: 280 km/h

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