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Where is Eric Bostrom Going?

With Nicky Hayden in MotoGP, Eric Bostrom is quite possibly the most talented American roadracer still racing in the States. Yes, many people consider Eric faster than his brother Ben, even though Ben won five straight WSB races just a couple of years ago.

Now that Kawasaki has ended its relationship with Eric Bostrom, where will he end up? There is no doubt that he would love to go straight to MotoGP if the right opportunity existed. Many are speculating, however, that Eric will end up racing a Ducati superbike in the States, as part of Ducati’s big push in the AMA Superbike class next year.

Nevertheless, it has been reported that Eric Bostrom’s manager was in the MotoGP paddock just a couple of weeks ago, meeting with representatives of more than one team. This could have been part of the Ducati superbike connection, but no one is talking. Perhaps, Eric Bostrom could end up at Aprilia or another MotoGP team with an opening for 2004.

As we opined regarding Nicky Hayden a couple of years ago, Eric Bostrom belongs at the World championship level. Now, not later. Good MotoGP rides are scarce, of course, and Eric Bostrom may have no choice but to race a superbike again next year in the United States with the hope of moving to MotoGP in 2005.

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