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Can Pichon Regain the Championship on a Four-Stroke?

Two-time World 250cc motocross champion Mickael Pichon was ultimately unable to run the pace of Stefan Everts last year, as the four-strokes seemed to gain the upper hand in the premier class. Pichon has abandoned his RM250 two-stroke to race a Honda CRF450R in this year’s MX1 championship series, again taking on Stefan Everts and Joel Smets (now with Suzuki).

After the year Everts had in 2003, many people have forgotten how strong Pichon is, and are not thinking about him as a threat for the 2004 MX1 championship. Pichon does not have much four-stroke experience, but he is a superb rider who has dominated the 250cc class in prior years (2001 and 2002). The Honda 450 is a very good bike, as well. Could Pichon surprise Everts this year in MX1? Everts would still have to be the favorite, but Pichon is a tenacious competitor, and his new four-stroke could make things tougher for Everts this year.

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