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Honda VTX Performance Cruiser Concept: MD Reader Responses

Reader response to the Honda VTX Concept One cruiser we showed on Wednesday has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out the responses below.

  • It’s a good looking bike. Two things: It would be nice if Honda offered the same choice Ducati does…along with the mono posto, how about a bi posto version?

    And secondly, I think the dual mufflers could use a rethink. They look bulky.

    I’d also like to see what the bike would look like with a single sided muffler design, maybe along the lines of Yamaha’s Warrior but not necessarily the same… (the bike seems to already share some of the Warrior’s styling genes, which is not a bad thing).

    Weight wise if the bike comes in at around 660lbs or less, and packs a slightly massaged 1800 motor, it should make for a fun ride.

  • I think it looks great. But I’m not a cruiser guy (I ride a CBR929RR).

    The bike looks way butch, has a huge motor (which is known for its big
    torque), and should be fun ride. One thing I hate about these cruisers
    though, is those stupid forward-mounted foot pegs and controls. If it were
    up to me, I’d put the footpegs more beneath the rider – which would enhance
    control. I think that “soles of my feet comin’ at ya'” look is stupid and
    that riding position is inherently unstable. If this is supposed to be a
    performance machine, it ought to handle reasonably well and a rational
    riding position should be part of the package.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Honda come out w/this bike. There’s nothing
    that radical or expensive about it. This bike is way more attractive than
    the standard VTX’s.

  • What do highschool art projects look like when 16 year old motorheads fold themselvs out on paper, answer; this monstrosity, this lump of billet and Carbon, this Edsel. We dont need yet another cruiser rehash exhibiting nothing new and nothing to get flustered over. Would not all the aluminium and carbon be better suited on something with ground clearance? When Duc introduces a Multistrada , Triumph a 3 in line supercruiser and Yamaha a 2 trac system we expect a little more form Honda than yet another baby boom cruiser wearing a couple of “so what” Gimmics.
    So its thumbs down for the wet dream bike.

  • This concept bike is awesome! It combines the best of both worlds in my opinion between a sport bike and cruiser.
  • I just got the magazine in the mail yesterday and was pleasantly shocked that a Japanese motorcycle company is finally taking the lead in building a truly Japanese cruiser. I mean come on, how many Harley clones are they going to build? While collectively, the Big 4 make some really nice clone cruisers ( hey I have one too …Roadstar), how much market share are they really going to take away from the hardcore fan base that is the loyal Harley customer? Here is something different. Something that is truly a different kind of cruiser. I think Honda is onto a great idea, but take it further. I love the idea of the 240 tire, but put some other cool stuff on there. Instead of the drag bars on risers, give it the 1 1/2″ “T” style drag bars with a really cool digital guage (for speedo, tach, and whatever else) on top of the bars. Go all the way. They are so close to building a truly cool cruiser. Make the thing radical with the latest and greatest styling from the custom world. Make it have style that is truly representative of Honda ( which I have to say, Honda did a great job on this bike). Lastly, make it have balls and great handling, and I’ll buy one.

    Great job so far Honda!!!

  • Hope they build it. I kind of felt I was dumped on when they dropped the Valkyrie then they built the Rune. Great bike but a little out of my league in price. Maybe this could be the next new Honda for me.
  • It’s great to see an alternative to the more traditional cruiser idea.
    Honda with the Rune, and now this new concept VTX seems to be the only
    manufacturer really developing the cruiser. BMW and Harley’s V-Rod are
    also great looking cruisers. I very happy to see the concept of what a
    cruiser can be grow and expand. The retro look is well covered and
    somewhat boring. I do really enjoy the cruiser category and very much
    want it to continue to succeed. It’s bike’s like the Rune, V-Rod,
    Warrior, BMW cruiser, and now this concept VTX that point to a future
    in the cruiser category. I want one.

  • Great look. I would buy this as soon as it becomes
    available. Much better look than the Rune.

  • I think it is a good looking bike except for the goofy front end. I don’t think it look good on the Rune and it doesn’t fly well on this bike either.
  • Amazing concept. I like it much more than the Rune. I could see myself purchasing something like this. I would prefer they add an axle, lose the Rune front fork and sell it for a reasonable price. I’m sure they’d be more profitable in the long run, not that Honda has trouble making profits.
  • A cruiser is a cruiser, so what if its a “power cruiser”.
    Honda, for God’s sake, stop with the cruisers.
    Update the superhawk, give us the North American Sport, provide some competition for the SV650.
    The Rune made me laugh out loud, this one makes me almost cry.

  • Absolutely beautiful!
    I would buy one in a heartbeat!

  • The look is awesome!!!
    But the rear drivetrain…
    How about a beltdrive?
    It is not as heavy as a shaft, and doesn’t need maintenance. (or a bit less)

  • I’m not a big Honda fan, there bikes are “usually” fairly bland in the looks dept., however, this is one sharp machine and if it makes it to production it would be the first Honda I’d purchase since my 88 hurricane 600…
  • this bike is awesome!!! build it! damn the costs, i’ll buy it.
  • The V twin power plant will result in an anemic “Power” Cruiser.

    As an owner of one of the old V65 bikes, I can say that a new V4 power
    cruiser, with HP north of 125 would be much better received. A latter day
    V-Max is what we need.

    Who knows what the V twin crowd will be impressed by??? Harley is still the
    benchmark and not noted for high power.

  • Please get word to Honda that if they build it I will come! This is the
    most exciting motorcycle I’ve seen come from Honda or any manufacture
    period. I’m a sport bike guy who is getting older and would like to make
    the leap to a cruiser but don’t like the bland underachieving choices. For
    the first time every I’m not only impressed but ready to lay down my hard
    earned money for this one! Way to go Honda!

  • Woof, that’s a bad ass bike.
  • As grotesque as the “ruined” is/was this “concept” looks to be 180 out from
    it. Very integrated, highly detailed design. Aggressive stance, bike flows
    from front to rear, nice…very nice. From the pics it appears to be a very
    attractive bike….with a turning radius…like the Queen Mary’s?

    It looks as fresh as my ST 1300’s “concept” did a few years ago. DFO

  • I saw the bike at Daytona in March. I was in total awe. I ask the Honda
    Marketing guy when I would be able to buy one. He said that it was just
    a concept bike. But it looked production ready! I think that it is a
    beautiful bike not only that I think that because it is so high tech in
    appearance it will likely attract the younger generation in to the
    cruiser arena. I for one would make that conversion should this bike
    make production. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  • nice idea, I like the Rune except it is just too big.
    The front end is a unique style item.

  • I applaud Honda for taking the leap. I have been waiting for something like
    this for years. The overall concept is great though I would like to see it
    less angular lines and standard upside down forks. Throw in a speedometer
    that I can see at a glance with a full face helmet and I’m sold.

  • The bike was a flop now they are trying to something with it. Public will not go for it. Myself or my buddies could’nt give them away.
  • Wow! This bike is totally amazing. For me, it is the perfect bridge between
    a sporttbike and a cruiser. There are many sportbike people like myself who
    wouldn’t mind having a cruiser, but don’t primarily due to looks. Honda
    would have no problem selling every one of these things, and I would be one
    of the first in line.

  • This thing is BAD ASS !!! Kinda reminds me of the V-MAX . Get rid of those over sized exhaust cans + I’d get one . Way better looking than the Rune !
  • Thank you for reading my opinion,
    My comment is in reference to the VTX-based concept cruiser (known as “Concept 1”).
    I own a so called “power cruiser” Honda Valkyrie.
    I consider the Concept 1 more of a naked sport bike than cruiser. It also looks too much like a Yamaha Worrier. I prefer something more along the lines of a long and low bike similar to the Rune but with less space ship look and more classic lines.

  • A power cruiser does not weigh 700 to 800 pounds and
    make 90 horsepower. Honda needs to build a TRUE
    performance cruiser with light weight, more power, and
    top flight handling.
    Either reduce the RC51 engine to a 60 degree twin or
    use a hotter version of the Magna/Interceptor engine.
    I ride a cruiser because I have a bad knee, not
    because I like to go slow. I will have to keep my 96
    Magna until someone makes a better TRUE performance
    Here is what I am looking for:
    – Light weight. As far under 500 pounds wet as they
    can get.
    – 17″ performance radials.
    – Quality suspension.
    – 110 to 120 horsepower at the wheel.
    – Daring styling (like the Concept 1).

  • The Honda VTX Performance Cruiser Concept bike is absolutely awsome!
    Honda should without a doubt, bring some variation of this to the market ASAP!!!

  • Honda just raised the bar. Watch out BMW and the cruiser market, it seems
    it’s about to change. I ride a Victory Touring Cruiser and would love to
    ride this bike.

  • I think it looks great. I’ve never been into cruisers, but this one has such a sporty/aggressive look to it that I would think twice about it.
  • Only one word can describe it – AWESOME.
  • Wow! I really like this bike. I ride a Super Hawk now and I have ridden a
    VTX 1800. I love the motor, but I wasn’t crazy about the styling however, I
    Iove the looks of this new VTX. I think Honda has a winner here, if it goes
    to production I’ll probably be riding one! By the way, great job with the
    site, I read it every day. Ride on!

  • DROOL!!! The only cruiser that has ever made me want one. I’m a sportbike
    fanatic and this cruiser is making me want to change my religion. I say
    bring it on Honda!

  • I just wanted to write and say how much I love the VTX Concept 1. The style is very modern but still has some classic elements. The carbon bodywork is smooth and very sexy. The industrial Rune front end looks like it will carve a nice path on any canyon road. I can say that the exhaust cans will be the first thing to come off the bike though, the shape is fine, they’re just too damn big. Maybe this is the California model? Keep the cost under $12,000 and I’ll order one tomorrow.

    Thanks Honda for some great concept models and for listening to what the public wants.

  • I’m a street fighter / sport bike type of guy. I generally despise cruisers with their grandpa Fonzie styling and scary handling at fast speeds. However, I had to sit down when I saw this cruiser. It is HOT! I can definitely see myself owning such a sharp-edged bike, provided I don’t have to sell my family to afford it (a la the Rune).
  • This has to be the most amazing thing that I have seen to date. If they build it, I will buy.
  • Honda doesn’t need another power cruiser of which they’ll only sell just a few per say, what Honda needs is something to counter the Suzuki SV650, and a long distance, shaft drive inline 3 or 4 cylinder in a standard or naked form with tons of accessories. I guarantee you they’ll sell them by the thousands.
  • Very nice ! Overall lines are excellent, however lack of passenger or saddlebag capability would still make me lean towards a V-Max. The high set pegs and cut pipes should allow proper lean angle. Definitely a step in the right direction – go Honda !
  • First reaction: how about a little color here? I thought the lead
    photo was Black & White until I saw the plug wires, chain and brakes.
    Second reaction: have these guys been hanging out with the Cadillac
    designers? There sure are a lot of sharp edges here. It’s an, um,
    interesting shape. One that ought to polarize onlookers even more than
    the Rune does. It doesn’t make me want to reach for my checkbook. The
    axle-less rear end, while eye-catching, strikes me as a pointless
    sacrifice of rigidity, but since when has function mattered in the
    cruiser market?

  • In a word: DUMB.

    In two words: DUMB and UGLY.

    In a paragraph:

    Honda is sooooooo original. What a piece of junque. Making an ugly fake
    Harley isn’t bad enough, now Honda has to go and make a really ugly fake
    Harley. The engine is big enough for a car, and get crapola gas mileage.
    Now THERE’S inovation. A big engine. Wow. It has the LBS car-like brake
    system so we can all be soooo much safer when we ride our ugly VTX. Never
    mind that poseurs on rides like this are too stupid to learn to brake, so
    that’s why Honda put those fruit brakes on the bike. And I don’t care where
    it or any other Honda is “assembled”, they’re still Japanese bikes, NOT
    American bikes. This piece of ambulatory excrement is even dumber and
    uglier than the retarded Rune. It looks like someone dragged a 600 pound
    magnet through a pile of poop and parts. Stuff Honda. Buncha limp-wristed
    pillow biters, the lot of ’em.

    In case you’re wondering, I ride a Kawasaki. Made in Japan. And NO, it’s
    not a fake HD. Its a sport bike. If I wanted a bike that looked like a
    Harley, then I’d buy a Harley.

  • I could sell my Buell S-1 and Road King and buy just one bike….It’s great as long as it’ll rev to 6500, make 100+rwhp & 100+ft/lbs Torque….not just another 75hp 100ft/lb De-Tuned Slug
  • Very unique bike. I like the styling much better than the Rune, its much sleeker and sportier looking. If the price point was more reasonable than the Rune I would definitely consider purchasing.
  • I’d much prefer Honda to do something interesting with the 1800 Goldwing motor, an updated Valkyrie with a performance spin that is priced somewhere below the Rune stratosphere. More performance, less eye candy.
  • I didn’t like the Rune that much when it was first shown, but the
    styling has grown on me a bit. The price is still to rich for my blood.

    This bike however is something I really like. I wonder how much it’ll
    go for once Honda moves forward with the production.

  • honda read my mind, if it goes into production, I’m selling my car to get one of these.
  • Honda needs to build this bike.

    Lose the billet wheels and difficult to service axle less rear wheel, ditch
    the trailing axle fork for cost consideration and use a 55mm cartridge
    adjustable fork and sell the unit for a around 15K.

    Oh yeah, the motor should make 125+ bhp, and about 150 ft lbs. of torque.

    This should be easier and cheaper to produce than the Rune.

  • Bike looks stunning! If looks could kill…….
    Back hub, or lack of one, looks great, if not a bit impractical. Will probably be compared to the V-Rod but looks a darn sight better.

  • Simple. They build that…I’ll sell my VN2000 !
  • Probably the first time I have looked at a cruiser and thought, “I would buy that”. It would have to have the go to match the look.
  • That is a beautiful bike. I hope it comes out.
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!! The styling is reminiscent of the Rune (another awesome bike) in my opinion, but has a style all its own. It looks as if you should have to run and jump on it because it looks like it is already moving ….. fast! I will put this one on my Xmas letter to Santa. All I want for Xmas is that bike!
  • Absolutely F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!
    This concept is gorgeous! I am a former VTX 1800 owner and would seriously consider buying this if it were in production.
    The key for Honda is that is has to be within a decent price point…$15K – $20K. Anything over that is not Honda’s market.

  • I’ll have two please. Awesome!!!!
  • Great looking overall. Not necessarily original because it looks like a 919
    flattened and beefed up. The trick is can they make it a more managable
    weight than the VTX? A lighter package than the Road Star Warrior would make
    me want it in a bad way.

  • I like it!! BUT, I am not a cruiser guy, I would only buy it if I came into a huge amount of money and could afford to toss twenty grand.
  • hell yes , I would buy one.
  • Looks like more of a poser than a rider to me. For an aging (47) sporty-bike fan (currently on a Yamaha FZ1) looking to move to a sporty-cruiser, I find the Concept 1 too modern/chiseled in design for my tastes as I prefer a more classic styles (also doesn’t look like a windshield with good protection will go very well with the look). The riding position looks a little sporty for the all-day comfort I want, and from the picts the mufflers look like they’ll inhibit the possibility of including any nicely integrated bags. The 1 looks like it might fit my needs for a strong motor, good handling, more than average cornering clearance, and maybe a lighter weight than the current big guns.
  • Please tell Honda to build it . Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just as long as it doesn’t cost as much as the Rune. This concept is f**king b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.
  • I for one thought the Rune looked like an over done piece of c***! I
    wouldn’t have bought one for half the price.

    This is absolutely incredible! This is so much slimmer, meaner looking, and
    will shock everyone on the boulevard. Where the Rune looked like a cartoon
    bike ( I even have to laugh at people that ride those around the streets)
    and would be embarrassed riding one in public! This one I would take over
    any other power cruiser on looks alone. That with VTX power and $16 – $17K
    tops and I’m in line baby!

    Sign me up as got to have look!

  • Frickin’ wicked.
    Build it and I’ll buy it. Change the exhaust, leave the CNC bits.

  • I prefer a bike that can be used more for touring, but I like the looks of this just the same. If I was looking for just a boulevard cruiser, I would not hesitate to jump on one…
  • The lines are great and style is hot. When will it be out?
  • Great concept but without decent passenger accommodations it holds no
    interest for me other than being another of many pretty faces.

  • I like the CNC wheels, and think that would be a great seller here in the
    U.S.! Just look at the motorcycle industry, motorcycle riders love to be
    different, and on the cutting edge. Chopper builders would not be on the
    Discovery channel with their own shows if it were not a hot item! Just a

  • I love the new VTX concept 1 bike, modern technology, with a tough custom billet look!
  • Please build this”they will come” to buy it!!! Maybe even get me off my ZX10.
  • Hey now you talking ! Much better looking then the Rune. V-Twin looks
    rule. Love the Exhaust System.
    Absolutely cool rear hub design.

  • On the Power Cruiser concept, it seems as if Honda is somehow trying
    to play catch up. The 1300 and 1800 don’t seem to be the cruisers of
    choice. On this attempt to improve the prospects of the 1800, they offer
    a chain. They only recently corrected that mistake on their 750. One
    wonders if the competition in the cruiser domain is so intense, they
    are willing to experiment with any combination.

  • I like it! I would never spend the big bucks for a Rune, but this bike just might be worth it.
  • Pretty cool, but that front fork/suspension thing has got to go.
  • Awesome bike. I never been a Cruiser fan but this one I like. Love your site, read it everyday. Keep up the good work!!
  • I’d buy one. Honda, please build it as close to concept as possible.
  • As a non-cruiser loving rider I must admit that I would be interested in riding and perhaps purchasing such a bike. My only caveats are the mufflers, which look ungainly to my eye and rather than a chain final drive perhaps a belt drive for lower maintenance.
  • I think I would like it better if it had a shaft drive instead of the chain. I don’t know if its possible to do without a rear axle. I do like the looks of it though.
  • My first thought is that the bike is too “angular ” for a custom , too” radical “stylewise ,and still single seat.Even with the trick rear wheel and the nice front fork,it doesn’t stand out enough as a custom bike for me.
    A custom motorcycle must have curved ,round ,long ,low shape. Man,did you see those ugly squarish mufflers,looks like a Yoshimura canister for a sport bike and the tank coming from old Katana GS. But the rear end is well done with the small taillight,though. I’m a Honda fan,but this one doesn’t fit the custom scene ,and if they ever produce it, they will get a low volume sale even with a “right price ” i think.

  • I’ve beeen riding,- wheelies, whoops, and the wide-open for 31 years…. this thing is f****** coollll………build it, and I will ditch a Buell M-2 AND a GSXR 750 to make room/pay for it!
  • i’m a harley/sp bike rider, i would seriously consider this bike,kinda mixes dragbike and sportbike stuff…very cool.
  • Honda Concept 1 is a heck of a lot better looking than the Rune!
  • I am a VTX 1800 C owner since 5/14/2001. I like what I see in the Concept 1. Build it to be as fast as it looks and nothing less! 2k cc or much hotter 1800 would do. Build it…. NOW! I want One!
  • I’d buy one. I would refine a few things, headlight for one. But at first look I like it.
  • 1.) It actually looks a lot better than that but-ugly Rune. But what’s with the butt-ulgy Rune forks?
    2.) Why would they get rid of the axleless rear wheel? It’s cool.
    3.) Cruisers need belt drive. Just ask Yamaha.
    4.) What’s with the one-up seat? How ya gonna get some to ride on the back?

  • This bike looks even better than the Rune, except the mufflers look bad.
  • Love everything except the chain drive and the front forks. Pump of the horsepower even more than the current VTX and I’ll buy it. While your at it tell Honda to stick the big bad VTX motor into the chassis of the ST1300 and I’ll take one of those for touring. While I’m wishing, also tell them to stick the RC51 motor into a BMW GS type bike and I’ll take one of those as well.
  • What can I say, it’s beautiful. The lines are better than the rune, more balanced. I hope they build it.
  • What’s happened over at Honda? They’ve re-hashed the VT with a Rune front end, and what looks like spare parts, and called it a concept power cruiser. They ought to take the Rune engine and put it in a real Valkyrie and get back in the business of building real-world power cruisers and quit following the pack.
  • As ugly as the Rune. Honda should better think in a new Valk with the fantastic flat-6 instead of trying to accomodate the V-twin concept with a cartoon-like style…
  • I currently own a VTX1800C, but if honda were to actually produce that bike, chrome it to the max, paint it with a tribal pattern, and use real exhaust pipes (not what they put on the current VTXs ), I would definitely consider buying one.
  • Are there more people who want V-Twins than something like a 6 cylinder in this world?

    V-Twins are for the RUBS ofthis country.

    Bring back a good solid Valkyrie with 6 cylinders and a lot of cc’s to blow the sidepanels off of the new Triumph….

    My current Valkyrie is getting a lot of miles on it and I’d sure like to replace it with anothe Valkyrie type bike….

  • If YOU can bend somebody’s ear at Honda, tell them to build us a new 2000cc Valkyrie, (NOT A RUNE!!!) with EFI, so we don’t look like lemmings and can spank those Triumph tractors.
  • I’m much more a fan of sports bikes. But since I moved to Florida, where the roads are essentially flat and straight, power-cruisers have started to interest me, slightly…

    Until now, that was!

    The Honda VTX Power Cruiser Concept bike looks awesome! I can only imagine some of the visual changes that would need to be made for this bike to make its’ way to production, but heck, if what finally roles off the line looks even 80% near the concept model, Honda has (another) winner!!!

    As for performance, I’m sure that 1800cc metric motor can be massaged to produce 100 + foot-pounds of torque and nearly 150hp. This bike doesn’t look like a light weight, so is shouldn’t perform like one either.

    Kudos to Honda for having the vision and guts to explore concepts like this. I hope this bike makes its’ way to production keeping he final model close to what’s being presented with this concept version.

  • The Rune is overpriced and unappealing in appearance. The concept bike shown has gone far beyond that; it’s twice as ugly, and most likely overpriced like most “concept-to-production” machines are. If it’s chain drive, I wont’ buy it. If it’s a V-twinkie, I won’t buy it. If it’s limited in it’s 2-up ability, I won’t buy it. And neither will the hundreds of current Valkyrie owners. Honda needs to get serious about what the public wants….not what Honda wants, IF they want to retain their customer base.
  • Being a BMW R-RS rider the crusier style doesn’t usually interest me,
    particularly many of the “catalog” customs seen these days…. But I
    have to say that Honda’s VTX Concept 1 is a powerful statement – one
    that I really like. The fork, the tank shape, the radiator presense,
    those upswept exhausts, the long swept rear cover, and that unbelievable
    rear wheel. Beautiful!

  • Here’s my feedback on Honda Concept-1:
    – Fantastic look. Quite striking
    – Pipes on the right look like they would burn my leg
    – The “no-axel” is curious but not important
    – I would buy this bike if it was based on the VTX 1300; better price and better weight
    – I would never buy this bike if priced like the Rune

  • Looks ok, but a valkyrie hot rod would be better.
  • I think Honda is moving on two fronts with this. First, there’s lots of buzz these days about custom cruisers. We see West Coast Choppers and OCC on TV, sure, but Big Dog sold ~10,000 and American Iron Horse sold ~5,000 bikes last year for good money. (Reference point: Honda sold ~1,000 VFR800 Interceptors in the US.) So I think Honda is saying, “12 over extended forks? CNC billet wheels? Flame paint? Oh, big fat whoopie. We’ll show you a REAL custom bike.” So they engineer a unique front suspension, and build an axleless rear wheel, then throw on some funky shaped carbon fiber exhaust cans just to taunt the rest of industry and show consumers who their daddy is.

    But of course they already did all that with the Rune. This bike, and that Jesse James Cafe Racer, are about building excitment around their new, modern, built-in-Ohio VTX engine family. American Honda exects must whack their heads with boards when they see folks paying $25K – $100K for custom cruisers with S&S built derivatives of Harley’s previous generation air cooled, carb’ed, ohv engine. In the VTX mill, they have a big, showy yet traditional V-twin, and they want you to think it’s the coolest motorcycle engine on the planet – so, of course, you’ll go buy VTX1800s and 1300s in their many, and ever growing, production models.

  • I like it, a lot, but it needs to be belt drive…
  • This is awesome!!!!!!! They have to build it coz I want one! This bike is exactly what I have been searching for for the past two years.
  • If it had a flat 6 cyl. 1800 it would be super. The market is flooded with
    V-twins. An updated Valkyrie (not the over priced Rune) would be a relief from
    all the twins trying to look like a cross between the HD V-rod and a soft tail.

  • that new Honda cruiser is maybe the coolest ive ever seen…
    I need two of em !

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