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Kawasaki Announces New ZX-6R and ZX-6RR for 2005

Kawasaki released specifications of its 2005 ZX-6R and ZX-6RR today, and both bikes feature enough changes to consider them all-new motorcycles. With improved power and handling, the ZX-6R in particular should be a contender for the title of class leader in 2005.

Both bikes feature an all-new bodywork design, with the focus being on increased aerodynamic efficiency. A redesigned fairing, tank, and tailsection, combined with a new underseat muffler, make the new 600s “the most aerodynamically efficient sportbikes Kawasaki has ever created – even more streamlined than the leading-edge ZX-10R”.

In the motor department, both bikes receive new pistons as well as a new cylinder and cylinder head, featuring larger intake and exhaust valves and new cam profiles. The 600s also feature a new intake system design, which uses ovalized throttle bodies to add intake area without increasing the width of the throttle body system. The new oval throttle bodies are fed by a larger airbox with a redesigned ram-air system, and fuel is now delivered by two injectors for each cylinder. Many other minor changes were made in the quest for improved power, among them a redesigned oil pump, a deeper oil sump, and a strengthened and rebalanced crankshaft.

The 6R and 6RR both receive improved transmissions for ’05 – Kawasaki claims improved durability and smoother shifting. The 6R includes a taller 3rd gear, while the 6RR tranny now has standard ratios which are similar to the 2004 racing kit transmission. The 6R also gets the back-torque limiting ‘slipper’ clutch, which was standard on the 6RR in ’04.

The redesigned aluminum frame now features a shorter wheelbase, and the swingarm pivot point has been moved forward to complement the new, longer swingarm. The rear suspension features a new ratio for the shock linkage, as well as revised settings for the shock. These changes are claimed to provide “more linear action, improved ride quality and track performance” from the rear end.

The bikes also feature a revised riding position based on the ZX-10R, with a reduced distance between the handlebars and the footpegs, combined with a new seat and fuel tank.

Keep your eye on Motorcycle Daily for a riding impression of the new Kawasaki ZX6R.

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