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Ride Without Spark Arrester, Get Bill for $10 million

The Associated Press reported yesterday that an 18 year old central Washington resident would be billed for the costs of fighting an August wildfire which consumed thousands of acres of forest and burned one home. The rider is believed to have started the fire while riding off-road on a bike without a spark arrester.

Many of us have ridden our MX bikes somewhere other than a closed course at least a few times, and so our first reaction might be to sympathize with the rider. However, looking at the fire from the perspective of a Washington state taxpayer, or from that of the family whose home was destroyed, you might not feel so sympathetic.

Off-road riders among us should take this as a reminder to make sure their bikes are equipped with a spark arrester before riding in areas that pose a risk of fire (which includes pretty much all of my native Southern California). Those of you who ride four-strokes might also consider the addition of aftermarket pipe guards (like those made by E-Line) which offer more coverage than the stock items. Every four-stroke owner knows how hot the head pipes can get; imagine dropping your four-stroke in an area thick with dry brush.

Check out the full AP article here.

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