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Top Supercross Talent Spread Among Four Manufacturers for 2005

When is the last time that all four major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers had a supercross rider capable of winning a 250cc main event? I can’t remember when, but in 2005 the talent is spread across all four OEMs as well as it ever has been before.

Think about it. Suzuki has Ricky Carmichael, while Honda has Kevin Windham, Kawasaki has James Stewart and Yamaha has the returning champ, Chad Reed.

Honda dominated AMA Supercross for many years — their era ending when Jeremy McGrath switched from Honda to Suzuki in 1997. Since that time, Yamaha would have to be considered the dominant supercross player, first with McGrath, and now with Reed. Kawasaki has had some success with Jeff Emig and Carmichael taking championships in the last ten years, but Suzuki has had a very long dry spell (taking its only supercross championship with Mark Barnett in 1981). Never, in our memory, have there been riders at all four Japanese manufacturers of the caliber we will see in 2005. If these riders stay healthy, all of these manufacturers will be looking to win at each round. It should make for some spectacular racing.

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