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Carmichael Riding Hurt

Ricky Carmichael is not normally one to let his competition know he is riding injured. A couple of years ago, he rode for months with a torn ACL, but didn’t tell anyone.

In the last few weeks, Carmichael has mentioned two practice crash injuries, and trips to the hospital. Roughly three weeks ago, he took a handlebar to the gut that led to one hospital trip. More recently, Carmichael described being knocked unconscious as the result of a practice crash.

Carmichael clearly rode better early in the season, before suffering these injuries. Although still quick enough to get on the podium, he was uncharacteristically passed by Kevin Windham last week, and nearly caught by Chad Reed (who came from dead last after his first-turn crash).

Although Carmichael surely has what it takes to wrap up the supercross title (he has two rounds to do it, but could easily clinch it next weekend), you have to start wondering if Carmichael will be in top form for the opening round of the outdoor motocross season less than a month from now, on May 22 at Hangtown.

Carmichael has never lost an outdoor motocross championship. He is 8-for-8, including two perfect seasons. He needs to be on his game this year, however, with James Stewart entering the class and Chad Reed hungrier than ever. If Carmichael clinches the Supercross title next weekend in Houston, he should be loose and relaxed at the final round in Las Vegas. That should give us some indication of how well he is riding.

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