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Ducati To Produce SportClassics Much Earlier Than Expected

In October of 2003, we reported on three beautiful retro-style machines displayed by Ducati at the Tokyo Motor Show. Dubbed “SportClassics”, the concept bikes brought forth an overwhelmingly positive response, and Ducati subsequently announced all three would enter production at a future date.

The final spec and styling of two of the three concepts (the Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition, at the right, and the Sport 1000 on the left, are pictured above). The third concept, known as the GT1000, is not in final spec at this time.

Perhaps related to the recent loan obtained by Ducati to finance both R&D and production, Ducati has now announced that the SportClassics will be brought to market more quickly than originally anticipated.

According to Ducati’s press release, the Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition will roll down the production line beginning in September of 2005. The Sport 1000 will enter production in October of 2005. The GT1000 (pictured in our original article – see link above) will be finalized and enter production in the Spring of 2006. No word on how many will be produced, but expect scarce availability.

Enthusiasts lusting after the combination of classic styling and modern performance, which the SportClassics claim to provide, will find this welcome news. Better start saving your pennies.