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Honda Announces Revised CRF450R For 2006

2006 Honda CRF450R

Honda released information today regarding changes to its popular CRF450R four-stroke motocrosser. While the 2006 bike retains most of the features of the 2005 model, changes have been made to reduce weight, improve handling, and increase durability.

The 2006 CRF450R uses revised engine cases that tilt the engine forward and lower the crankshaft 5mm for improved turning ability. The engine also sits lower in the frame, which combined with radiators mounted 5mm lower and a lower exhaust system mounting provides a lower center of gravity.

The front fork outer tubes and the front hub are now lighter than the 2005 versions. The 2006 bike also features a revised carb needle for crisper response, revised suspension valving front and rear, a redesigned water pump (for longer seal life), and new intake valve seat material (for longer valve life).

The CRF250X off-roader is also revised for 2006, featuring a lighter rear hub, lighter rear shock, lighter swingarm, new front axle placement (to mimick that of the CRF250R), the same new valve seat material as the CRF450R, and an overall weight reduction of 1.1 lbs.

The 2005 CR250R and CR125R carry over unchanged for 2006. Honda has not yet released any information on the 2006 CRF250R.

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