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What New Bikes Does Yamaha Have in Store?

We already know that Yamaha has gone to great lengths to celebrate its 50th anniversary. More than one lavish party, and a significant sponsorship of the U.S. MotoGP round earlier this month. What about new bikes for 2006? Can we expect Yamaha to introduce some special machines to mark the anniversary?

We have already seen the 2006 motocrossers available in anniversary editions with yellow plastic. Expect plenty of yellow paint jobs next year on street bikes as well.

Both the R1 and the R6 will either be entirely new or dramatically revised from the current editions if Yamaha keeps pace with its normal development cycle. Other new road bikes? We are sure Yamaha has some including, perhaps, a new Fazer 1000/FZ1 naked.

Will Yamaha finally revamp the legendary V-Max? No rumors about this yet (there seem to be rumors every year of a new V-Max), but wouldn’t the 50th anniversary be the time to do it?

We are expecting some surprises from Yamaha in September. We will keep you posted on rumors as we hear them.

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