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BMW Releases New Models In Milan

As we mentioned last week, BMW is on a new-model blitz at the Milan show. As expected, they have brought the all-new F800 (in both S and ST variants) and R1200S, as well as the K1200GT (a touring version of the K1200S).

The F800S is a compact package powered by a new parallel-twin motor and using a belt-drive system similar to that of the F650. BMW claims a dry weight of 418lbs for the F800s, lighter than any current BMW bar the F650. The parallel-twin powerplant was reportedly developed in conjunction with Bombardier-Rotax and is expected to deliver around 80hp at the flywheel.

The F800ST is basically the same bike with a taller windscreen, higher bars, saddlebags and a luggage rack.

Much as we expected, the R1200S is the most powerful boxer-engined BMW yet produced, with the company claiming an output of over 120hp. It is also the lightest boxer-engined BMW currently in production – it seems the company has a newfound drive to cut weight in its sport-oriented models. The company is again claiming a dry weight of 418lbs, amazingly equal to that of the parallel-twin F800S! This should be the sportingest boxer yet, and the styling isn’t exactly dull either, with graceful lines and airyness conveying an image of light weight.

Finally, the K1200GT is basically a K1200S with a taller windscreen, a larger fairing, and hard saddlebags. It features the same powerful inline-four engine as it’s sportier brother. Pictured in this article is the new R1200S. We should be posting pictures of the other new bikes later.

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