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Kawasaki May Produce ZX-10RR

UK weekly MCN is reporting that Kawasaki may produce an even more hard-core version of its ZX-10R superbike, said version likely to be called the ZX-10RR.

According to MCN, the ZX-10RR (if produced) will almost certainly feature close to 200hp (claimed output at the crank, of course) and an adjustable swingarm pivot point, as well as lightweight bodywork and wheels along with other trick bits to reduce weight. Other possibilities (some of which might be a little far-fetched) may include a drive-by-wire throttle setup, traction control, and a big bang firing order for the 1000cc four-cylinder powerplant. The ‘RR’ might also feature a higher-spec suspension than that offered on the standard ZX-10R.

Do we really think Kawasaki will produce this bike? Well, the company has created some incredible bikes since it made the commitment a few years ago to make its bikes the fastest, most powerful, and most hardcore in the industry. A ZX-10RR would seem to be just a logical continuation of that theme, and so we’d say it isn’t out of the question at all. Keep in mind that Kawasaki builds two versions of its supersport machine, including the 636cc ZX-6R and the race-homologation ZX-6RR. MCN indicated the 10RR would be intended as a homologation special for World Superbike Racing.

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