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San Francisco Radio Host Urges His Listeners To ‘Take Out’ A Rider

While some of our readers, especially those who frequent some of the many motorcycle-related message boards, may have already heard about this situation, we felt we should report it for those of you who haven’t heard what happened.

About a week ago, a popular San Francisco-area radio host (Woody, of 105.3) made some seriously anti-motorcycling comments in his morning broadcast. According to numerous reports that have been posted on the web, Woody told his listeners “One of my pet-peeves is people on motorcycles who think they don’t have to wait in traffic like everybody else… Nothing would make me happier than to watch somebody, and I’ve actually seen this happen, somebody open a door and take you out as you are trying to squeeze through…”

The motorcycling community reacted quickly and strongly to this outrageous statement, and Woody’s station received a flood of phone calls and letters protesting Woody’s remarks. Bay Area Yamaha, a local dealer who advertised on 105.3, also received a lot of negative feedback on the issue. Woody responded within a few days, making his apology to the Bay Area motorcycling community via the Bay Area Riders Forum. Here is that apology:

First, let me apologize to everyone for causing such a stir. Believe it or not this wasn’t any kind of “stunt” to try to get listeners or anything…….what sense would that make? Anyway, I’m really sorry and I’ve tried to take it back a million times so far, and have advocated lane splitting and encouraged people to STOP PHUCKING WITH PEOPLE ON MOTORCYCLES on the roads, since the initial comment on the 12th.

At this point I don’t know what else I can say other than I’m sorry and trust me, message received loud and clear……don’t phuck with bikers. Ya’ll are amazing at sticking together.

Besides taking the safety class (which I’ll do, I’m actually really looking forward to it. I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride) I’ve got some other things cookin’ in an attempt to “make good” with you guys and biker broads. Including, but not limited to running some awareness Public Service Announcements about lane sharing…..lots have been asking and suggesting that. So consider it done. They’ll be on by weeks end. Is there somewhere I can get some specifics…..facts? We’ll need to write copy.

Don’t take this out on Dan at Bay Area Yamaha, he had nothing to do with this, and trust me when I tell you he gave an earful to everyone here at the radio station about his displeasure over the situation. You can hate me, that’s fine…..I’ll understand. But Dan wasn’t involved in the original segment, and has done nothing but be a stand-up guy and defend motorcycling.

He’s got it right though…….as do most of you on this board…….let’s try to turn this into a positive. We on the morning show will be more than happy to help promote a charity event, or something else of the ilk to help get the word out.

Again, I’m really sorry. Not that you have to believe me, but it’s my hope that over time all of you can see that I’m not an evil guy. Just a dumb radio DJ. Lesson learned.

Woody (yes that Woody)
Live 105

Obviously our first reaction should be to express how thankful we are that none of Woody’s listeners were stupid enough to take his advice and ‘take out’ one of our motorcycling brethren. After that, we can stop and take pride in the fact that a strong and united response from the motorcycling community showed this media outlet that there are serious consequences for such irresponsible and dangerous actions.

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