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Kawasaki Rumored To Be Developing Naked Version Of ZX-14

Our European correspendent has reported that his sources say Kawasaki is developing a naked version of its new ZX-14 for release as a 2007 model. The bike is likely to be called the Z1400, and will probably be styled along the lines of the current Z750 and Z1000.

While Kawasaki has yet to release the claimed power output of the ZX-14, it is widely expected that the company will claim 200hp or more (at the crank) when the bike is released. However, when the Japanese OEMs have used sportbike motors in their naked bikes in the past they have typically been ‘detuned’ versions, designed to produce more torque and lower-RPM power. Even so, 170-180hp at the crank would make the Z1400, if produced, the most powerful naked bike yet.

Keep your eye on MD for more updates – we will be attending the ZX-14 press launch next month, and will have a full ‘first ride’ report up soon after.

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