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Michelin/Bridgestone Tire War Heating Up in MotoGP

Looking at test results from Sepang this morning, I couldn’t help but think that Bridgestone has reached parity with Michelin in MotoGP. Three of the four quickest times recorded at Sepang today came from riders utilizing Bridgestone tires (Valentino Rossi was the lone exception). The Michelin-shod Honda did not have a single rider in the top four quickest lap times recorded today. This is highly unusual.

If you have any question about how important it is for a manufacturer to choose the right tire partner in MotoGP racing, take a look at what has happened in F1 automobile racing. Michelin and Bridgestone have the same battle going on in F1, and tire choice by teams has been decisive, not only in individual races, but in championships. If either Bridgestone or Michelin establishes a significant edge over its rival this year in MotoGP, it could easily tip the championship away from a team using the slower tire and in favor of a team using the quicker one. It is that simple.

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