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MD First Street Ride: 2006 Suzuki GSX-R750

This is a very brief report following our first day with a production 2006 Suzuki GSX-R750. A full, detailed review will follow a bit later, with all of the technical highlights of this new machine from Suzuki.

One thing we will focus on with the GSX-R750 is its street prowess — asking the question whether this is the “ultimate” sportbike for the street. Does this bike combine the power of an open-classer with the handling of a 600? Stay tuned for a detailed analysis, but our first encounter is encouraging.

This bike may have just the right amount of grunt on the street. Not enough to make you concerned about spinning up a cold rear tire exiting corners (as some of the 1000s will do from time-to-time), but there is always plenty of forward thrust available on the street without worrying too much about where the tach needle is pointing (unlike most 600s).

We haven’t really sampled the top end rush of this bike yet, but the fuel injection and the engine all seem to cooperate well with your right wrist. This bike features an engine counter-balancer this year, and it is smoother than most GSX-Rs we remember.

The ergonomics are adjustable, courtesy of footpegs that have two height positions, as well as a fore and aft position in the higher setting. The rear shock also gets separate high and low-speed compression adjustments this year. After playing with the suspension just a bit, we are already pleased with the compliance and control offered by the stock fork and shock.

We did note the stock steering damper provides a vague, almost strange feel at very low speeds (the damper is not adjustable), but otherwise does not interfere with the handling of the machine. That handling feels exactly like a 600 when transitioning from side-to-side, but also is very stable (with no hint of headshake — at least for now).

Wind protection is surprisingly good for a modern sportbike. Riders under 5’10” should find their chest and shoulders almost completely out of the wind.

This is a very refined version of a motorcycle Suzuki has carefully developed through many generations. It is fun, fast and now also very stable and smooth. This is going to be an interesting test.

That’s all for this Sunday evening. Stayed tuned for our full ride review of the 2006 GSX-R750.

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