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Yamaha Patent Application Reveals Future Engine Tech

We are not prone to saying “We told you so.”, but Alex told you so in an article on future sportbike engine technology published February 7, 2006. Some seriously high-tech engine developments in the automobile world are headed for your street legal sportbike, and Yamaha may be leading the way.

Although we first saw mention of it in a European publication (where the primary application has been filed by Yamaha), a major American print magazine is also reporting that Yamaha is attempting to patent variable valve timing technology (along with variable intake and exhaust valve systems). The tease from these publications goes something like this: “You might see this technology on next year’s R1.” Maybe, and maybe not.

MV Agusta already has a variable intake tract length system on one of its production motorcycles, and exhaust valve technology has been found on Yamahas, Hondas and others. Variable valve timing involving the level of sophistication displayed in Yamaha’s patent application, however, would be new to the motorcycle arena as far as we know. Take a look at Alex’s article for a discussion of the benefits of this type of technology.

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