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Chris Vermeulen Struts His Stuff

Although most of the attention given MotoGP rookies this year has been focused on Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner, Suzuki’s Chris Vermeulen proved that he needs to be considered a talent worth watching, as well. Vermeulen’s performance at Laguna Seca yesterday (from pole position, Vermeulen led half of the race before mechanical issues slowed him) proved Vermeulen not only belongs in MotoGP, but will be a future threat for the title.

Those who have worked with him indicate Vermeulen is mature beyond his years (24 years of age) and, on the rare occasion where he rides a familiar track these days (the former World Supersport champ had ridden Laguna Seca previously), he can be expected to mix it up with the leaders. Particularly, now that his Suzuiki is proving competitive. Would he have won on Sunday without bike problems? We will never know, but we are certain that he will win in this class before he is through.

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