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Inspiration vs. Perspiration

I have been told more than once that success in most professions is based on a combination of inspiration and perspiration, with the proper mix being 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. In other words, the guy who works diligently with the right capital behind him (the capital that can buy plenty of sweat) finishes ahead of the creative genius who lacks such funding. In journalism, whether moto related or not, I believe the formula is a bit different.

The inspiration part is more important. In reading a few pieces about the demise of Cycle magazine (take a look at, I am reminded that a good read is produced not by a massive budget of a corporate behemoth, but by the inspired writing of a few individuals (sometimes, very few).

The Internet has spawned an unprecedented opportunity for individuals, like us, to share our inspiration with the world at large. Although we would not pretend to compare ourselves to the legends that led Cycle in its prime (including editors Cook Neilson, Gordon Jennings, and Phil Schilling), it is reassuring to know that journalistic success is rooted in the heart, and not the pocket book. Thanks for reading.

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