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45-Year-Old Jeff Ward Now With Nine AMA National Championships

Jeff Ward won his first AMA National championship (the 125cc National Motocross title) back in 1984 — 22 years ago! He won his 9th AMA National championship yesterday in Long Beach, California (his second AMA Supermoto title). Jeff is now 45 years old, and likely the fastest Supermoto rider on the planet.

After securing 7 National motocross/supercross titles for Kawasaki, Wardy retired from bikes in 1992 and began racing automobiles. He did plenty of open wheel racing over the next decade, and even finished on the podium at the Indianapolis 500 twice (with a second and a third).

After wondering for years whether Jeff Ward could “run with the younger guys” on a motorcycle, I had the pleasure of seeing his first Supermoto race (on a borrowed Honda) a few years ago at California Speedway. Ward won the race. He has since won two AMA Supermoto titles (and narrowly missed a third). Is he the fastest 45-year-old on two wheels? He has our vote. Ward will return to the Troy Lee Designs Honda Supermoto team for another shot at the title next year.

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