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MD Reader Responses, Part 3 – Cagiva Mito 500: Will this Lightweight Street Single Come to the U.S.?

Below, for your holiday reading, is Part 3 of our survey of our readers’ thoughts regarding Cagiva’s new concept single, the Mito 500. The article that started it all appeared on December 19, 2006; Part 1 followed on December 20, 2006; and Part 2 was posted yesterday. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.

  • That Cagiva Mito looks pretty sweet! I would definitely consider that bike if it were available in the US!

  • I am very interested in this bike and would purchase one if it is produced and offered at a reasonable price. The husky twin cam engine is solid, reliable, and easy to maintain. As you pointed out, this engine is already certified as street legal/emissions compliant in the US.

    As for styling, I like the classic 916 look. The flat black F4 MV Augusta styling would also look very cool.

  • Based on the photographs alone I can say that had my Buell Blast
    looked anything like the Mito (never mind being powered like it) then
    I might have kept it rather than selling to finance the purchase of a
    larger motorcycle. Your article didn’t include any details on
    dimensions or ergonomics, but I’m going to assume that the Mito would
    have a seat height much lower than that of the Husky SMR. It looks
    like a thumper enthusiast’s dream. I wouldn’t mind if the styling
    wasn’t updated, either; a “parts bin” approach to production should
    help to keep the MSRP down.

    On the negative side, I couldn’t tell you if there is a single Cagiva
    dealer in my state, and the competition in that market segment should
    be formidable, considering the 500 and 600 twins from Kawasaki. I’d
    expect that they’ll have to do their research carefully when deciding
    total unit numbers.

    Thanks as always for your wonderful site!

  • Please bring it to the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My first impression was that I’d rather see it as a twin, but at less than 300 pounds, I can’t complain about 60hp. I like small, good handling bikes with punchy engines (my favorite ride is still a Hawk GT), this might be just the thing for the tight twisty roads here in western North Carolina. If the componentry is good, and they price it right, I’ll probably give it a serious look (assuming I can find a dealer.)

    Btw, any word on a coming review of the Ducati Hypermotard? It seems that with the 1098 coming out, the motard finally becoming available has been a bit overlooked. I’d be far more likely to buy the hypermotard.

  • One vote FOR!

  • Bring it to the USA and I’ll sell my R6 in a heartbeat and buy the Mito 500!

  • 60hp and 300lbs??? Sounds like a potent combo to me for a beginner or a seasoned rider. I would love to get my hands on one. Tell them to bring it on over!!

  • I am a 5’6”, 50 year old guy that loves riding! I ride a H-D Electra Glide. I’ve been riding since I was a kid & follow AMA Superbike, Moto Gp, etc.. Me & a friend have been discussing the lack of real world, rider friendly sport bikes for years…. We thought we might have found what we were looking for in the

    MZ Skorpion but MZ went with the big parallel twin instead! I bought a Honda 600 F4 back in the 90’s & quickly sold it since I was in no way equipped to ride it anywhere near it’s capabilities. The tractor-like FLHT suits me fine. Recently though, I’m back to thinking about buying a 2nd bike to rip around on…I was thinking about a Buell 1200 Lightning or an SV-650… they come closest to what I want….the Cagiva is EXACLTY what I want! Hopefully, Cagiva will build it & sell it here in the USA!

    Thanks for you website…. It’s the most important part of my morning ritual!

  • Exactly the sort of bike I’d love to own.

  • A lightweight, manageable and AFFORDABLE Mito 500 would be extremely welcome here in the States – Compared to the aging Suzuki GS500, which I would view as it’s closest competitor, the Mito looks like the better buy – it’s far better looking, it’s lighter (in concept), would probably be quicker, would handle better, etc. etc. etc!

  • Bring it on! Like my imaginary girlfriend comes with double D’s and a wasp-like waistline, my imaginary dream bike comes with a one-banger and a lightweight sportbike chassis.

    The 916 is the most beautiful/iconic bike ever created but I agree. Update the styling to MV resemblance and they have a sure hit.

  • As a long time lover of big singles, I’ve owned 2 SR500’s, a SRX600, and the lovely but rare GB500, I say bring it on. As always the sales generated will depend upon the price point in the marketplace but I think that it could sell well due to the demographics of new bike buyers and the disposable income available to them. At sub 300 pounds it will also be as light as my stripped down SR500 and with approximately 20 more horsepower, a bit more fun. That’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth.

  • We want the mito 500 . . .

  • I would love to have a lightweight performance oriented street single come to the states. The bike I am looking for would be more on the lines of the Aprilia Pegaso 650 Strada. A bike with more substance than a super-moto for all day riding comfort with some wind protection without the weight or bulk of a twin. I guess an argument could be made that BMW tried that already with their road going 650 but that bike was ugly and very heavy for a single. Thanks for bringing attention to the big singles. Nothing like the feel of a lightweight, nimble and reasonably powerful motorcycle.

  • My wife has admired the 125 Mito for years! And I have often discussed the idea of stuffing a four-stroke single into a Mito chassis to build a custom road bike for her! If Cagiva brings this to the US, I will buy one!!!!! Do you hear that CAGIVA?

  • The Cagiva Mito would be the coolest sportbike sold in the US, but a lot of squids would probably turn their nose at a “mere” 500cc machine, even if it is whooping up on them in the curves. Maybe if Cagiva or someone started a race series……

  • Great concept…however the issue I believe is that this will be a good regional seller in the U.S. The North, the East down to say North Carolina, and the far west are most likely areas for good sales. The roads in many of our states are just too straight for a light weight lower horse power bike to really sell well. And my assumption is the cost per unit will be more in the 600 super sport range.

  • I think this class of motorcycle could build into a strong niche market in the U.S. While it wouldn’t likely sell in CBR-like #s, it would develop its own following.

  • You compared the Cagiva Mito 500 to a MV Agusta. In looking at the photos you posted, I was struck by how similar the lines were to my buddy’s 748.

  • wow, talk about filling a hole in the market

  • We definitely need more bikes like this state side. A lot of times its hard to blame newbie’s for buying the hottest new super sport as their first bike because all the sub 600cc motorcycles look like they are from the 80,s. which essentially they are because the big 4 refuses to update them to anything that resembles good. And I probably shouldn’t even say big 4 because Honda and Yamaha doesn’t even have a bike at the moment in the U.S. that could qualify in this market. And I believe the first company to get here with and attractive and quality sub 600cc machine will have that niche all to themselves ( that is until the big 4 jumps on the bandwagon) and enjoy HUGE SUCCESS. The number of newbie riders every year is growing exponentially and it’s a common sense thing to cater to this market. and me being a newbie as well I know what its like to want to start off low in the cc’s dept. and work my way up. And one trip to my local motorcycle dealer lets me realize that in the United States of America Looking good and learning and two things that are not synonymous.

  • It gets my vote — if it’s halfway reasonably priced. Otherwise, I
    can’t come up with a single argument against it.

  • The Mito 125 has been on my ‘must have in my lifetime’ list of bikes for years – when I saw the Cagiva Mito 500, I decided that I would have to
    get a grey import if/when they came out in Europe. A huge hassle, but I
    fell in love with it. If Cagiva were to import them into the US, I
    would be one of the first buyers!

  • Dear Cagiva,

    I can’t buy this mito 500, if You don,t make it !…….get
    it?…….will somebody please make a lightwieght 500 cc sportbike [
    single or twin ] … please , anyone?

    frustrated in the usa………………………………….

  • Cagiva Mito 500… YES would be just the ticket !!!!

  • A powerful and nicely styled street single would be a great addition to my garage. I loved my BMW F650 and Honda XL650R street bikes as urban
    commuters but something lighter, more powerful and lower profile would be a
    blast. If they can bring this over I’ll hold off the Suzuki DR I was going
    to get next.

  • I have over 30 motorcycles and CRAVE this type of bike. The closest I have is the Aprilia RS50 and it is a ball in the really tight hilly
    stuff. Bring this bike to the US. Go for it.

  • I would buy one, 500 mito that is

  • i left 2 cards letting cagiva know i was already to leave a deposit.
    this is the bike ducati should have built – based off of the supermono.
    I see several upgrades that need to be done though… should be an
    upgrade to 43mm fork, with the adjustability included, compression
    rebound. also adjustability in the rear, same thing. need to keep
    the marvac wheels, do not substatute lower quality parts to make a
    price point. Try to keep it available without a cat in the exhaust
    system… also does it really need an alum frame. how about a
    trellis style cro-mo frame. normally i would not want a 1st year
    bike, ut this is an exception. also think it needs a name change for the usa. kind of like honda changing the name of the firebird when it was sold here in tahe states.

  • Sounds gr8, if it has humane ergos rather than a boy racer crouch. I’ve had various street thumpers, but don’t currently and I sure miss having one!

  • I’m an old fart with several BMWs (including two KRSs) and would love to see a bike such as the Cagiva Mito 500 on a dealer sales floor. I may be wrongly assuming that such a bike would be reasonably priced.
    Residing in the sub 600 class ‘should’ point to an attractive price…
    anyhow, such a bike interests me but if it had a high retail I would
    walk away shaking my head(I buy my Beemers used).

    Re. ((they could update the beautiful but dated styling to create a
    ‘Mini-MV’)) Not to cast shadows on your likes and dislikes but I just
    love the looks of the pictured Mito 125! If a 500 just like it
    appeared, that would be fine with me.

    Thanks for what you do for the industry.

  • That motorcycle is to die for. Sign me up. I want one bad.

  • was very excited to see the introduction of the Mito 500. If it were priced well, and didn’t vibrate horrifically, I would be the first in line. I would proudly park it next to my 1986 SRX600 SuperSingle! There is a giant hole in the marketplace for this type of bike.

  • I like the styling. Simple and clean. Tarting it up like an MV would
    not be an improvement in my opinion. As far as desireability, that depends on price. At 293 lbs and 60 hp, if its durable and inexpensive, its a winner. Can Cagiva produce an inexpensive bike for the US?

  • At the right price point, sounds like the perfect bike for me.
    Ever since I got my with a Kawasaki EX250, I’m just beguiled by a really
    lightweight bike, though that one (the 250) could obviously use more
    power on the straights. The Mito 500 would probably be just perfect where I ride – there’re only two places within 15 miles of here (Nevada City) that have long straights, and those are all hosed with cars – everything else is twisty mountains.

  • I’ve always dreamed of owning one of the many beautiful Italian bikes out there. I’ll soon be in the market for a new bike seeing how mine was stolen recently. This Cagiva Mito 500 is beautiful. In the United States there is a gaping hole that needs to be filled. I know plenty people that would be interested in a bike that provides high performance and fun on the street without being absurdly overpowered. Pen me in for one of these.

  • If this comes, I will buy it. America needs more sporting singles.

  • “LOVE their bike, that said, ‘Why does it weight so much?'” (293 lbs. is PORTLY for a SINGLE!)

  • The Mito 500 appears to be a strong candidate for a first bike that won’t be outgrown soon. Or a perfect city bike. Perhaps a sleeper of a canyon carver. In the right hands it could surprise a lot of sportbike pilots. Please encourage Cagiva to bring this bike to America.

  • I am in love. As a prior Army vet. from Germany, Cagiva has been a dream that needs to happen in the US. Doing 180mph on the autobahn was doable and fun with a liter, yet return to the states – and that’s a simple recipe for some bright eyed cops. Can you say speeding to elude! Motorcycle enthusiast want a hot smaller sport bike without the mega death speed of the current menu, adding great gas mileage, a person can hit the street without the grim reaper riding shotgun bitch. Put my name on the list Cagiva. Look at the competition – there is none! That bike is Mito Hot.

  • Since I have seen the pictures and reports regarding the Cagiva Mito 500 on web pages from the Milan Bike Show last month, I realize that I want the bike MADLY. That is not just saying it, I want to buy it no matter what. I was determined to explore ways to import it and use it possibly just as a track bike. Any prospect Cagiva/MV Augusta could bring this bike to the U.S. would indeed mean that a) they can have my deposit ANY TIME, and b) the true Christmas gift. And do not forget – the pricing should be extremely competitive. Please consider my email and forward it to Cagiva USA – thanks for being advocates of this bike/concept.

  • I have been riding motorcycles for 30 of my 36 years the last 18 being on the street particularly sport bikes. To say that motorcycles are a large portion of my life would be an understatement to say the least just ask my wife. After being with my wife for 10 years and having her a frequent passenger she has finally decided to enroll and complete the Basic MSF course. We’ve run in to several hurdles along the way 1. finding adequate gear that’s more than a fashion statement, we’ve resolved this to some degree by sending the gear to be tailored (she’s 5′ 1″ and curvy) and 2. finding a motorcycle that she can flat foot or close to and not be overwhelmed by weight. You would think that buying a bike meeting those requirements would be fairly easy which it would if she wasn’t so determined to have a sports bike like me (have to love that!).

    The problem as it stands, finding a sports bike for a shorter rider that’s new to the sport. Choices are limited: Kawasaki Ninja 250 great bike but will need to be lowered and slightly dated in looks/performance, Ninja 500R slightly bigger than the 250 will need to be lowered and heavier so a bit intimidating and dated looks, Suzuki GS 500 similar to the 500R in height/weight but looks like a GS with GSX-R plastic not bad but blah, Suzuki SV650 taller than the others listed and heavier so more intimidating and her final choice Ducati 620 Monster not exactly a sport bike per say sans fairing’s but it’s a Ducati, red, low seat height and higher price than the rest. Of the bikes listed the Ninja 250 is really the best choice in terms of weight or lack- there-of, user friendly meaning a new rider is less apt to get in trouble with horsepower (I know ring the throttle on any bike and you can get into trouble) finally the potential to out grow in a short amount of time (this is relative of course). Enter the Mito 500, from all appearances looks to have a manageable seat height, light weight (comparatively speaking), quality suspension/brake components, modern styling (Ducati like a winner in her book) and something she’ll be able to spend quite some time on and not out grow it. Should the Mito be offered here in the U.S. it would go to the top of the list as a potential purchase and keep my bikes (2 ZX-10Rs) company for years to come.

    Unfortunately the buyers market in the U.S. is stuck on “bigger is better” hence small cc sport bikes were dropped with the FZR400. This is a tragedy for new/potential riders because of the limited offerings by the manufactures. I have considered grey market bikes such as the CBR400, VFR400, NSR250, TZR250, FZR250/400, ZXR400 and so on. To obtain one of these is extremely difficult not to mention pricey near the cost of a well maintained 600cc sport bike; and let’s not talk about the absolute pain of trying to register one of these rare machines. Also they’re narrow focused and not entirely user friendly for new riders. There really needs to be a machine to fill in the gap for new riders and still offer up-to-date styling with quality components, the Mito would do just that provided the masses could see past the “bigger is better” syndrome.

    Do what you can to get word to Cagiva that this bike needs to be offered to the U.S. market targeting new riders. Offer a small cc sport bike with up-to-date looks, quality components, all around performance and a competitive price tag and they’d have a winner on their hands. This of course is just one bike nut’s opinion not to mention my wife drooling over the Mito just wishing it was in the garage now.

  • Alex, the Mito sounds like a great idea….but would it sell? I know I would like to have one. The MZ Scorpion was a decent bike but not
    enough sales. Yamaha has chosen not to bring the XT 660 here, and
    there is nothing wrong with it. The KLR 650 is a great long distance
    machine, Kaw must sell enough to justify the remake of the ’07.

  • I would love to see a bike like the Mito 500 in the US. I would (if reasonably priced) buy one to take on vacation using a trailer hitch. IE a big scooter with class.

  • I have several new husky dirt bikes and the engines are very good. I would love to ride/own one of these. It might be a refined version of my KX500 powered Ninja 250.

  • OMIGOD YES!!! Starting with Ducati’s, I’ve been riding singles for 40+ years. Nothing better than a light torquey single. So, would love
    to see something in a naked ‘style’ ala Monster, SV650, FZ6 etc. My ‘modern’ canyon carving Thumper is a DR650 motard. Just a few years ago had 5-SR500’s, 4-GB500’s, 2-’89-’90 SRX400’s, 3-Ascot’s…… etc. Still have 5 of the above. Cast my favorable vote.

  • I have been hoping for such a machine to come to the USA for years. I would pay a good price and buy one in a heart beat as Track Day bike.
    Keep up the good work.

  • If they bring it stateside, I will immediately write a check! I have been wanting both a small sportbike and an Italian supermodel, and this would give me both! Italian style for an everyman budget!

  • I would get one for 4,000 or 4,500 price range with 2 year or better warranty. I currently have one bike and looking for a sport bike that I can take to a race track and learn. I also want a sport looking bike that is somewhat comfortable and and can get good gas mileage for work commute. I am perfectly fine (and even prefer powerfull and smooth running single cylinder). If the bike has strong motor and good suspention I am sure it will have a SV650 like following amongst enthusiasts.

    If they also make a version of this bike with 27 inch seat heigth and
    a special promotinal dealer-serviced maintanence for say 2-3 years (at additional cost) it would be a hit for women riders as well.

    I typically spend 2K per year on motorcycle related stuff (improvements to the bikes, gear, etc).

    I think that this motorcycle if prices right will be a second or third bike for many of the current motorcycle owners… and cagiva can be sure that those people will spend continiously good dollars on the upgrades to the bike so luggage, different configurations for seat, windshields, engine kits, etc will make money for the manufacture years after the bike is bougth…and of course as Cagiva makes improvements to the bike they will be keen to upgrade…

    Finally for statistical data: I am 34, male have one bike and 3 cars, married with children, medium to high income bracket, postgraduate degree.

  • Being one who has always said the 1000cc is to big and currently rides a BMW Dakar with 50k on the clock I think a 500 single would be a great bike. A rider with skills could make the sportbike riders an a canyon look silly. I love out running squids on sportbikes on lesser equipment.

  • It’s a drop-dead gorgeous bike, except for the pencil-thin exhaust, which detracts from the overall scheme of appearance. It looks like they could easily do an underseat exhaust, and the bike will be arguably the best looking bike on the market! They did a super job on it.

    Now what we need are more UJM’s with a comfortable seat, low seat height, a reasonable reach for the bars and pegs, and a reasonable overall weight. I bet the female market will respond beyond expectations.

    You’ve got a great website., Keep up the good work.

  • As I get older, the idea of something light appeals to me. I ride a
    Kawasaki Concours, using it as my everyday
    transportation/commuter/long-distance/sport-tourer/run-to-the-store-for-a-loaf-of-bread bike. Granted, it’s lighter than a Gold Wing, but not by much, so light-weight has an appeal. I’d be interested in seeing something like this available in the US.

  • Having ridden a Mito 125 and a Husky SM450R, I can only imagine that
    this bike will be amazing. The Husky 450/510 single is amazingly
    smooth. The rep was taking survey forms and seemed excited by the
    response. The 916 styling is still fresh after all these years.

  • I’ve been waiting for something like the Cagiva Mito 500 for a long time to end up on US shores. I hope Cagiva goes for it!

  • I would definitely be in the market for this bike, providing it is
    priced competitively, which is to say, bellow it’s competitors such as
    the SV 650. If they could price this bike at say $4999, or close, they
    will sell in huge numbers I feel sure.

  • hi , as a thought about the proposed cagiva 500, styling wise, how about making it look like the mito 525 production racer, rather than the road mito?

  • Put in a small V-Twin (ala SV 650) and they could not make enough of them. Singles are really neat (I have a KTM 640 LC4) for backroad blasting, but I still think America is not ready for them. Considering Cagiva’s past production rate, they probably would sell every single cylinder Mito they send here. But….give it to me with a small V-Twin!!

  • know this is probably a late response to the Mito question, but work and the holidays have had me unable to visit my routine websites. I just have to respond to this as this is a subject close to my heart. I have been riding and racing motorcycles in every discipline (MX, RR, Observed Trials and off road) since I was seven years old. Now at 40, I own a heavily upgraded (suspension, clip-ons, rearsets, etc.) SV650 as my primary, and favorite motorcycle. I have a GSXR 750 and an SV1000 for the street as well but the little SV650 is my first choice on the street every time; especially on our frequent trips to Deals Gap. It is simply more satisfying to ride. I have always preferred smaller engined motorcycles. Growing up racing MX I was a 125 specialist and though I also raced 250’s and Open bikes (in the 80’s, era of the big 500cc two stroke monsters), 125’s were always the most challenging and fun to ride. When I started riding on the street at 16 years old I was living in Nagoya Japan. My first bike was a Honda VTR250. I could flog that thing within an inch of its life on the street; it was an amazing little machine. If you ride that hard on even a middleweight sportbike it would equate to jail time or death. When I returned to the US I always drooled at the smaller, lighter exotica reserved for Japan and Europe. I still do. My SV650 is the best thing I have ever owned for the street. I just cannot go out and ride my SV1000 or GSXR750 as hard or aggressively as I do my little 650. They are just not nearly as satisfying to ride. Nothing is better than smoking superbikes in the mountains or at trackdays on a little 650 twin. I am clearly not the only one living in the states who feels the same way, look at SV650 sales. America is ready for smaller performance motorcycles and it is about time. I said all that to say this: I would absolutely buy a Mito 500!!!To be honest I would love to have the 125cc version as well! Consider this my commitment to buy one. I wish they would hurry up because I am ready to get another new bike in 2007!

  • Who are all these responders kidding? The Mito 125 is neat, but it’s the answer to the question no one’s asking. Maybe it will sell to those who would otherwise buy a scooter, but as a motorcyclist I can’t take it seriously.

  • I am very keen to see this bike produced for the North American market and would like to ask you kindly to direct any feedback you receive to the address in the subject. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  • I had two Honda GB500s, and one is race spec, bumping it from 32 to 53 hp and from 28 to 43 ft lbs. The bike I saw is a dream come true to me. I would LOVE to have a bike like that, and would sell as many of my 21
    bikes as necessary to buy it. Please let me know what I can do to bring this dream to reality in the USA.
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