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Hopkins’ Injuries Bad Timing for Suzuki MotoGP

The testing just ended in Qatar proved that John Hopkins should be on the pace when the MotoGP series begins in less than 3 weeks at the same circuit. The only problem is that Hopkins is now injured . . . with possible fractures in both his hand and foot resulting from a huge high side that occurred during the last day of testing.

Hopkins was quicker than everyone but Dani Pedrosa (Honda) during testing, and might have ended quickest of all had he not suffered the big crash just before lunch on the final day at Qatar.

Hopkins is tough, and you can bet he will be at Qatar for the opening round on the weekend of March 10, but a broken hand, in particular, can pose a serious problem for a roadracer — whether it is the clutch hand or the throttle/front brake hand. More details regarding Hopkins’ condition should be released sometime this week. Watch our Home page or the Industry News Release page for any update as it is received by MD.

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