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Moto Guzzi Reveals Stelvio to Dealers

Moto Guzzi used their dealer show as the platform for unveiling their latest bike, the Stelvio – the company’s entry into the rapidly growing adventure tourer market. With a tall seat height and long-travel suspension, the Stelvio is aimed squarely at the BMW GS, Triumph Tiger, and KTM’s Adventure.

Moto Guzzi hasn’t released much information about the Stelvio, which isn’t scheduled to be revealed to the public until the Milan show in November, but we were able to learn a few things – any or all of which could change before the bike reaches production. At this point, however, the bike rides on an all-new frame carrying long-travel USD forks up front and a single-sided swingarm/shaft drive out back, both ends rolling on spoked wheels. Basically every componenet of the Stelvio is new except for the engine(s) – rumor has it that the Stelvio will be available with a choice of either the 4-valve 850cc powerplant from the current Breva/Griso line, or the 8-valve 1200 from the latest Sport model.

As I mentioned earlier, we expect the Stelvio to get its first public unveiling at the Milan EICMA show in November 2007, and to be launched to the world press around the same time – which means it will probably hit Guzzi dealership floors around January 2008.

For now, you’ll have to be content with these low-quality pictures, taken with a cell-phone camera and leaked to the world media from the Moto Guzzi dealer show.

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