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Orlando Supercross Will Be Carmichael’s Last

Tomorrow night, Ricky Carmichael ends an amazing supercross career that has resulted in 48 wins and 5 AMA Supercross titles.

A natural outdoors, it is no secret that Carmichael had to work hard to develop his supercross skills. When he defeated supercross king Jeremy McGrath for the first time in 2001, he ended the domination of the sport by the most intimidating rider to that point. We knew then that Carmichael feared no one, and would do whatever it took to reach the top.

Although he will race some outdoor motocross nationals later this year, Orlando will be his final supercross as he embarks on an automobile racing career.

Carmichael found a way to overcome, and defeat, the greatest riders the sport of supercross has ever seen, including McGrath, Chad Reed, and James Stewart (whom Carmichael narrowly defeated for the AMA Supercross crown last year). Carmichael has earned the nick name “GOAT” meaning Greatest Of All Time, and no one disputes this title. Although he has had a great supercross career, Carmichael has been even more dominant in outdoor motocross where he has not only won virtually every title he has ever contested, but completed two perfect seasons (where he won every single moto contesed during the series).

Carmichael began his career at Kawasaki, and then moved to Honda (the photos on this page were taken during his stay at Honda) and will end his career with Team Suzuki (see our Index photo of Carmichael on his current machine).

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