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V-Max Concept: Star Motorcycles Going Forward With Production?

When Star Motorcycles introduced the V-Max concept to the press in Southern California at the Long Beach Motorcycle Show a few months ago, it was nothing new. This concept had been shown to the public years ago. Nevertheless, it was interesting to see the bike in the flesh.

The concept looks mean, in a Darth Vadar sort of way. Obviously, Star wanted it this way.

In keeping with the design, the massive V-4 engine, which may displace as much as 1800cc in production form, is the “jewel in the crown” so to speak, and looks magnificent.

With the front end still raked out, it is clear that Star has nevertheless decided the new V-Max will handle better, with significant chassis improvements, and vastly improved brakes. That is, if the concept becomes reality.

This is where we reach Part 2 of this story. Rumors are now circulating that Star has made a decision to manufacture a new V-Max based closely on the concept machine, and introduce it to the World this Fall as a 2008 model (likely to become available for sale during calendar year 2008). Gestation of the new V-Max has been slow, and careful, with Yamaha monitoring, and surveying, customer feedback for several years. In the end, the new V-Max is likely to not only be the fastest cruiser in a straight line, but one of the fastest motorcycles in a straight line. Just like the original.

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